Office/Guest Room Renovation.




So one of the last rooms we finished in the house was the old bathroom that we turned into an office, that could also be transformed into a guest room when we had people visiting.
The room was very big for a London bathroom, but on the small side for a bedroom, so I think what we came up with was actually perfect for this room size, in a small London house.

I have always wanted a looooong desk, where you could literally have two projects going at the same time and I certainly got that in this room. But I also knew that if we had a permanent desk in the room it would give the guest room very small and cramp feeling to it. Plus it would feel like you were staying in someones office instead of a guest room, which I didn’t want visitors to feel. I wanted guest to feel like they had their own little tranquil room to relax in after a day of exploring London.
So I came up with the idea of making a fold-down desk, inspired by our Ikea dinning table Norden. But instead of having the table fold down completely flat agains the wall, I thought of making shelfs underneath, for all the office things, which you need!, but it also meant that it would get hidden away and out of sight by the desk when folded down and when used as a guest room.

After having used the office for a few weeks, I realised that I needed some kind of drawer unit for small office things, pens and so on. So I went for the Ikea Helmer, as it is small and has wheels, making it easy to roll out from underneath the desk and use it as a bedside table for guests bed.

We decided to build a smaller build-inn cupboard where the old hot water tank cupboard was, as it is difficult to find storage for odd angled walls.
When the room is being used as an office, it is used as storage for the king size air bed, duvets, pillows and other things for when people are visiting.
Then when the room is used as a guest room and the air bed and so on are in use, there is a permanent pole in the cupboard for a few hangers and a hanging storage with 7 compartments for people to unpack their suitcase. At the back there is still room for the empty suitcase.

When used as a guest room, we got an Aerobed instead of having a sofa bed taking up space all the time. An original Aerobed is a bit expensive, but I will say that it is worth all the money. Not only does it feel more like a normal bed than an air bed, but they also have amazing costumer service, so when our bed started loosing a bit air when in use, we were just sent a replacement right away.

For the end wall, I wanted to add something that would work for both an office and a guest room to make it more cosy. So I made a picture wall with pictures I have taken around London, some vintage London pictures and a map of London, which works both for work and for people visiting.

For lighting, we chose a spotlight lamp placed in the ceiling closer to the door, to give a lot of light for when opening the cupboard door or if you need more light in the rest of the room.
But over the desk we placed a vintage looking lamp, with a candlelight bulb. It just make a more cosy feel when you are working on the computer in the evening or if lying in the guest bed and you don’t want a spotlight shining right in your face.

If you have any questions, please do write them in the comments down below. I will be happy to answer.