Marks and Spencer AW14

I don’t think I am the only one who actually look forward to autumn/autumn wear, there is just something about being able to wear wooly knit and layering up, that makes you all snuggly and cosy when going on long walks and seeing the trees change in colour.

This year my longing for autumn began far sooner than usual, back in May to be precise, when I was invited to come and see what would been in store AW14 at Marks and Spencer.

Now, I already have a soft spot for Marks and Spencer, actually have a whole blogpost on why I feel like they are such a perfect match for me, but I was totally blown away by what would be in stores this autumn.

I absolutely love the dusty pastel colours and different textures they are bringing out this autumn. Love the idea of still being able to wear pastels in autumn, by having them a bit more dusty to match the colder and greyer months, together with the array of different textures you are able to mix together.


I have to say though, that the AW14 star for me was the Best of British collection. I am completely blown away by the quality of these pieces, from the fabric it self to the stitches (yes I did turn the pieces inside out to look at the stitches, a habit from studying fashion design and sewing).It is quite clear to see that if you invest in a piece from this collection, that this is a piece you will get many seasons wear out off. But not only are they well made and actually very classical, which means that these are pieces you can bring out season after season, they seem to have somehow manage to be bang on trend at the same time, meaning it is a perfect statement piece for this season.

mandsaw14 wishlist

I actually made a wish list right after the event that I wanted to share with you:

Best of British Pure Wool Checked Cocoon Coat £299.00. I just love this coat, it is just made of the best material, perfect to layer up and would not surprise me if this was the sort of coat you would pass on because of the quality, if you don’t wear it out yourself.

Limited Edition Snowflake Jumper £35.00. I am normally not a christmas jumper kind of person, but I think this is a more simple and beautiful version of a christmas jumper, that is not only for christmas but something you can wear all winter.

Kids Burgundy Loafer
£20.00. Now you are probably wondering why I have a kids shoe on my wish list, as I don’t have a kid, but to be honest, I have really small feet that fit into big kids sizes and I just love these so much compared to all the grownup loafers I have seen, so if I can get over the fact that they say Kids on the inside, I might just have to get them ;-).

Best of British Drop Waist Drape Dress with Wool £59.00. My stable piece for autumn/winter is knitted dresses, so I just love this dress as a basic dress, that isn’t to heavy in fabric but will still keep you warm with the wool in the fabric. But I also think this is the sort of dress you can dress up and down for a lot of occasions.

Best of British 60 Denier Tights £8.00. Like I just mentioned, I live in knit dresses during autumn/winter and I normally pair it with 60+ denier tights. I just love the quality of these ones and will defiantly be getting a few for this autumn/winter.

Do you have your eye on something from Marks and Spencer this autumn-winter?