Practical mummy-wear for a short and choppy mum. 

I have always swore I would be a mum that would be up for playing and having fun, even outside on rainy days, but since putting on weight after birth I was finding it hard getting practical clothes that fits and looked just a bit smart. But I finally found a few pieces that makes it easier being a practical mum and wanted to share in case anyone else was in a similar situation.

My biggest issue has been finding rainboots that fits, I have looked and looked and tried pairs after pairs, I was even at a stage of paying hundreds of dollars for a pair if only I could find a pair my big calfs would fit into. Then one day while we were in London I stumbled upon a pair on amazon that specified that they were good for big calfs and bought them on a total whim. Now they are still a tiny bit tight, but they fit and are actually comfortable to wear, and best of all they are quite cheep. You do however need thick thermal sock with them on cold days.
Watch out puddle jumping here I come!
Dunlop wide calf wellies

My second thing I had a hard time finding was a raincoat. Most I tried where way to big over the shoulders, to long in the sleeves and made me look like I was wearing a tent. I wouldn’t have minded having to fold up the end of the sleeves, but most models would have a strap detailing on the end of the sleeve, making it difficult to to fold up. Then I stumbled upon this raincoat from Uniqlo. It has raglan sleeves, meaning they will fit any shoulder width, there is no detailing on the ends of the sleeves, making it easy to alter or simply fold up and best of all it has a drawstring at the waist, so doesn’t make you look like you are wearing a tent.
The downside are, that there is no lining in it, so you will need to layer up and from reading some reviews online some where saying that if you wear straps, like when wearing a backpack it will wear on the jacket quickly. I just layer with a fleece and so far there hasn’t been any wear on mine, but I have only had it a few months, so we will see.
Uniqlo Blocktech Coat

Leggins has been my nemesis. Even when pregnant I had to fold up my maternity legging at the ankles, not a cute look. But I find that either they are way to long because of the size I need or the elastic in the waist is to tight that it give my two bellies. So when in Marks and Spencer one day, I just decided to try on a pair of their core leggings in a “short” length and they fit perfectly in both length and waist. Now they are cotton leggings, so they definitely a bit see-through, but paired with a a long sweater or tunic they are just perfect.
Marks & Spencer cotton rich leggings

Now I just need to find some rainproof thermal gloves and snow wear, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.