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Greenwich Park


Had a wonderful day out at Greenwich Park the other day.

It is a place where you can easily use a whole day, it has everything you could need for a good day out, museums, beautiful places for picnics, a wildlife area, a flower garden and a children’s boating pond.

We started off at the marine part of the museum, next too the queens house, but I didn’t find it as interesting as my boyfriend did. But next was The Queens House, and I could have stayed for hours and hours looking at the paintings in there, but wasn’t that interesting for the boyfriend.

We then walked up to see the Maritime museum and the royal observatory, which it turned out was really interesting for both of us.
Quite a funny thing to have you feet on each side of the meridian line, and the view from those museums where one of the most amazing views in London.

Not only is this a great day out, but it is also free to visit all of the museums, so also a great for a budget experience.
Defiantly a recommended day out in London.

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Parrots in London


I remembered the first time I saw parrots in our nearby park, I was sure that it was a pet parrot that had escaped, but then I saw more and more of them, and realised that they must be living here.

So I went home and looked it up on the internet, and sure enough, there are wild parrots (or actually Ring-Necked Parakeets) in London.
But I have now read so many different stories about how they came to live here, that I don’t know which one to believe. But the thread in all the stories is, that way way back, a large bunch of them escaped from somewhere, and decided that the climate was good enough for them, so they stayed.