Shippable Mother’s Day gift ideas

In Denmark, where my mum lives, we normally just give flowers on mothers day and no gifts. But since popping by with a bouquet of flowers isn’t that easy for me, with a ocean and a few countries between us, I normally send her a little something in the mail, just to let her know I am thinking of her.
But when it comes to sending a present, you need to consider shipping cost as well, when you are looking for something special to send. I have done the mistake a few times, once ended up paying twice as much in shipping, than I had payed for the nice tin of biscuits I was sending, which meant I could have bought her a silk scarf and it would have ended up being the same price all together.

So if you are having to ship your mothers day present like me this year, here is my list of thing I have sent in the past or are considering sending this year.


A Silk or light weight scarf is one of the best things to send, as they don’t weigh a lot and can often be folded very compactly, making it easy to send. They don’t have to cost a fortune if they are silk, I got a really beautiful one from Uniqlo last Christmas for only £9.95 and Accessorize has some really cute ones at the moment for only £12.00. 
But for this mothers day present as we are going into spring, this light weight one from M&S is super cute and very fitting as a mothers day gift with the mum and baby elephant print. 
Price £12.50. Click Here for more information.


Tea and chocolate, this was actually something I sent my mum last year, with a note saying “for you to sit back and relax for a few minutes”. Individual packed tea bags, like Fortnum and Mason or Pukka teas, are great for this, as you can take them out of the outer packaging and re pack them. Together with the BeyondDark chocolates buttons, that comes in small individual bags and are high in antioxidants, works really well together next to the tea bags and makes it easy to fit into any size box.
Click Here for more information on the BeyondDark chocolates.


A beautiful print is an easy thing to send in a hard back envelope, as long as you don’t exceed the A4 size. Small shops or museums shops like V&A often have some great ones, also Paperchase has some really nice ones currently. But for online finds, some good places are and The one I am considering, I am even considering getting my self, as both me and my mum have a weakness for quirky cat art, is from Etsy.
£4.32 (plus exchange rate can change if you are buying from a seller outside the UK on Etsy). Click Here, for more information.


My mum has a small stamp size garden and love flowers, so think these flower seeds from The Kew Collection would be a great present to send. Not only is this a fun little present to send if you live in London, but she will get some flowers in her garden she might not have been able to get anywhere else and will think of you when they flower.
£2.29-2.99. Click Here for more information.


The last one is more of a thoughtful present and it would require using a bit of time on it. But if you are living in a different city or country than your mum, she would probably love a little insight into you daily life, so making a little Vlog of “a day in the life of you” would probably make her really happy.
I did a similar ting for my mum 12 years ago but with pictures, when I was studying in Nottingham, showing her where I lived, the collage where I was studying, city centre, etc. 
But now a days most people are able to record video on their phone and most computers have some sort of video editing program. Then just burn on a dvd or upload to youtube with a private setting and send her a link to it.

I do however have a little bit more time to get my mothers day parcel sorted, as in Denmark, it isn’t mothers day before 11th of May.