Bathroom Renovation


It is now almost 2 1/2 years since we bought our house and what we thought was going to be a one year renovation job, ended up taking a lot longer. But we have now finally finished the new bathroom and I wanted to share how it turned out.


I would sort of call the end result a modern version of a victorian public restroom.

A lot of thought had to go into decorating this room as it is tiny and only gets a bit of afternoon sun, so needed to have a lot of things in a small space without looking to cramped and I sort of think we succeeded.

Now if you are not from London, you probably won’t believe that such small bathrooms even exist, but this is actually the size of a lot of London bathrooms now a days.

Because our budget isn’t huge for this house, we ended up going for a basic white tile that is quite cheep and paired it with a black thin tile border and dark grout to make it look slightly vintage, but in a modern way.

Bathtub, toilet and basin are all on the space saving size and was definitely the most difficult part of planing the bathroom, as not easy to find space saving products for your bathroom without breaking the bank.

One of the walls ended up being quite deep once we took down existing plaster boards, which meant we where able to use some of the depth to build the bathroom cabinets into the wall, meaning we could get 2 quite big cabinets in the bathroom, without taking up to much space, as they now only stick 7cm/2.8inchs out of the wall.

We also build our own bathtub cover, where we put in doors, making us able to store cleaning supplies under the bath.

So all in all, we have actually ended up having more storage than we have had in any of our London bathrooms, despite being bigger in size.

The tap for the bath wasn’t too expensive, but because the one for the basin had to be a certain size, function and had to be in the same stile as the one for the bath, it ended up being one of the most expensive parts of our bathroom, for what it is. But I am so happy we decided to use a bit more money on it, as it has definitely tied everything together.

I am so happy with how this bathroom has turned out and I can’t wait for more rooms in the house to be completely finished now.