Green Lemonade recipe and how to juice without a juicer – Video

Now this was suppose to be part of my healthy January, to see all post Click Here, but there hasn’t been good light to film in, so this is a day overdue.
Part of my getting healthy regime involves getting more vitamins through my diet and juicing is a great way to do that. Only problem is, I don’t have a juicer anymore. When we moved into our current house, we just didn’t have room for all the kitchen gadgets anymore, and one of the things that took up the most space was our juicer that we hadn’t used for a few year, so I gave it away.
I am still not sad I did, as it was big and difficult to clean. 
But after a few visits to Whole foods, where I would get a juice every time, I realised how much better I would be feeling the rest of the day. Buying a juice at Whole foods is expensive in the long run, and I don’t have one in walking distance of where I live, so if I wanted to have a daily juice, I had to think out of the box. I didn’t want to buy another juicer, as they are expensive and I might just end up collecting dust again at one point like the other, so I thought about what we already had in our kitchen and came up with this method.

We have a Nutribullet, but any good blender will do for this. Then you just need a fine strainer and a jug, thats it!
You just add all the ingredients to the blender, with a little water and then blend until as smooth as you can get it. Then you just work it though the sieve with a spoon, easy peasy. And it is all things that are easy to clean and that most people have in their kitchen, so a great way to see if juicing is for you before investing in a big expensive juicer.
I won’t say I will never get a juicer again, but for now, this works for me and the size of our kitchen.

Now for my favourite recipe that was inspired from my favourite juice at whole foods. It is rich in Vitamin C and iron from the spinach and kale and it taste divine, like a really refreshing lemonade.

Green lemonade. Makes about 2 glasses.

1 big handful of organic kale
1 big handful of organic spinach
2 sticks of organic celery
a small piece of ginger (optional) 
juice of 1-2 lemons
1-2 sweet organic apples or 100-200ml organic apple juice 
and about 200ml water.

The reason I use organic ingredients for most of the ingredients in this recipe, is that you are getting a very concentrated vitamin boost from this. So since the products I use organic here are all on the list of 15 vegetables and fruit you should eat organic, I have decided to use organic to get the healthiest juice possible.
I also normally use organic apple juice from a carton, just because I haven’t been able to find organic apples that are sweet enough.




Walk around Copenhagen – Video

This Christmas we went to Copenhagen to spent Christmas with our families. So I thought that I would take the opportunity to film some of my favourite shops and places in Copenhagen, and write a little about why they are the ones I always visit when back in Copenhagen.

Most of these places have a sentimental side to why they are my favourites, but they are also great places to get something a bit different when visiting Copenhagen.

Søsterne Grenes –

Probably the best nick nack shop I have ever been in, maybe because they are really good quality as far as nick nack shops goes. 
I can remember shopping at Søsterne Grenes ever since I was very young, and being excited about spending my pocket money in there. Today I go just to see what wonderful things they are selling now, and to pick up far to many things I never knew I needed and now can’t live without.


PB Chokolade –
This place just makes the best handmade chocolates, especially their champagne truffles are what dreams are made off. 
But they are also quite famous for their chocolate drinks, that come in the shape of a chocolate pyramid on a stick, that you stir our into hot milk or coffee.


La Glace –
This is Denmark’s oldest confectionary shop, dating back to 1870, and it is the place to go if you like cake or/and hot chocolate. 
I remember coming here with my mum on special occasions, to get a hot chocolate and a white buttered bun. The hot chocolate being so rich and creamy and the white bun being light as air, and just taking in the surroundings of a place that haven’t changed with time, but value old traditions.
Today it has become so sought after, that you have to plan you visit in advance and be prepared to stand in queue to get in. 


Matas –
Now there isn’t anything really special about this place, this is really just the danish answer to Boots, but if you are interested in beauty, this is a good place to get you fingers in some danish beauty products like Raunsborg, Rudolph and Tromborg.


Notre Dame –
This is where I go if I want to buy someone a present or want to find something different for my home. Despite not being the worlds biggest shop, they just seem to have everything you could ever thing off. Everything from cups, tea towels, hand blown glasses, to fancy paper, lamps and jewellery, and the list could go on and on and on.
I especially love going there at christmas time, as they just seem to have the best christmas ornaments, some very unique as well.


Sødmod’s Bolcher –
This place is really special, especially if you are a hard boiled sweets fan. There are two shops on the same street, but the one to go to, is the old factory shop that is located in a back alley, so be careful not to miss it. If you come doing production hours, you can watch how they use old fashion methods to make the sweets, and not a lot has changed in the shop or factory during the years, so it is like stepping back in time when entering the shop.
My personal favourites are the liquorice without added colour and the rhubarb flavours.


Tivoli –
Tivoli Gardens and amusement park is special to everyone from Copenhagen and most of Denmark for that matter. Most people growing up in Copenhagen will have fund memories of this place growing up and being a special place to visit during the summer, as it only use to be open during the summer. It had its first christmas market in 1994 and is now open pretty much all year round.
Unfortunately it has gone a bit commercial in some places, but I think it is mostly something you notice when you have been visiting your whole life. It does however still have a lot of its old charm, and it is even said that Walt Disney got the inspiration for Disney land after a visit to Tivoli, which you understand why once you see some of that old charm.
Unfortunately we did’t have time to go in doing this visit, so I don’t have any video from inside Tivoli, but it is even more beautiful on the inside if you can imagine.


Hope you enjoyed walking around my favourites shops and places in Copenhagen with me.