Romantic pampering for one

So today is Valentines day and I am going to be sitting alone tonight as my husband is working. Now we don’t really celebrate Valentines day in a big way anyway, but for some reason it sort of feels wrong not to celebrate it a little bit despite being alone. Kind of like when I was on the couch alone being sick this new year, it just didn’t feel right to waist a perfectly good celebration.
So I have come up with a plan for tonight to have an evening of pampering, so if you are alone this evening or having a girls night, this might be for you. But don’t let this be just a pampering night on valentines day, make sure you always make some quality time for your self, because if you are not nice to your self, then why should other people be.

Now I am still trying to be more healthy, so I have found a few snacks that are still a treat, as no good pampering night is any good without treats, but these are just a bit more on the healthier side. I will be having Booja Booja ice-“cream” that is a good alternative to dairy ice-cream, that is organic, soy and gluten free, made without refined sugar and taste incredibly yummy. There might also be a few of BeyondDark chocolate buttons involved in tonights pampering…….or not might, there will be! (read more about them by clicking Here).

That is the treats sorted out, now on to the pampering part of the evening. 
I have planned:
A relaxing bath with The Eco Bath London, Muscle and joint pain Epsom salt bath soak, this stuff is so good and really relaxes all my muscles and my back, making me very relaxed.
Apivita, express beauty with pink clay mask, with is a gentle cleansing mask. 
A few candles and dimmed light is a must to get really relaxed 
And to keep hydrated and taking care of beauty from the inside, a green lemonade, click Here for recipe.

Time for  pyjamas 
Followed by Origins Drink Up Intensive mask, for ultimate hydration 
Then a little pampering manicure with my No.7 polishes in the colour Beanie. This is actually one of my favourite high street nail polish brands, as the base coat and top coat make the manicure last a long time, the brushes are rounded making them easy to apply, and the Beanie colour is the most used colour during winter, as it just seems to go with everything.  
My current favourite hand cream from Raunsborg.

For tonights entertainment, I have picked out 3 of my favourite romantic movies to choose from, Amélie, Chocolat and Roman Holiday. They are all perfect if you are having Valentines alone, because it all involves women who are independent, but who finds love, might be in different ways, but love non the less.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines day.

Thoughtful gifts

A few days ago I posted a Valentines day gift wish list, click Here to read, but maybe you don’t celebrate Valentines day in a big way and just want to give a small thoughtful gift, maybe your budget don’t stretch to a big present or maybe you just want your valentines gift to be a bit more personal. Either way, a thoughtful gift is special because it is thoughtful, not because it cost a lot of money, so here are five ideas that can work for both men and women that you can get for under £10 or maybe even just costing some of your time…….and they don’t just have to be given on Valentines day, they can be given all year round.

I just did a blog post reviewing The five Love Languages (click Here to read), so I think the obvious first thoughtful gift idea would be to learn someones love languages. Now Valentines day isn’t far away, so if this was something you wanted to do for this valentines, it might be a bit of a squeeze time wise to read the book. But it could simply be giving the book as a present with a card or a card on its own, saying you will learn their love language and speak it, to make them feel extra loved.

Second is a little “care” package involving an activity they love, like if a man likes watching sport, a package with their favourite drink and snack, with a card saying “promise I won’t disturb next time your favourite team is playing”. Or if for a woman that likes to take baths, maybe a bath bomb and a candle, saying “I will draw you a bath next time you need a bit of pampering”.

Knowing someones favourite cake and baking it for them is another great way to show you know them, plus a cake baked with love always taste the best. My husbands favourite is Lemon drizzle cake.

Doing something for them they don’t normally like to do them self. Like in our house, my husband hates ironing his work shirts, so ironing all his work shirts for him and giving him a card saying I had done that for him as a valentines present, would probably mean more to him than an expensive gift. But it could also be vacuuming the car or cleaning the kitchen cupboards.

Planing a day or afternoon out, which sounds expensive but doesn’t necessarily need to cost a lot of money or any at all. Finding out what the other person likes to do outside the house, it could be bringing a thermos flask of tea and going to your local park to feed the ducks. A lot of museums and galleries are free to visit and some even have a picnic area, so you can bring a romantic homemade lunch for when you need to rest your feet. My personal favourite is V&A and having a picnic by the Diana memorial fountain, but my husbands would be to visit the London Imperial War Museums.

There are so many thoughtful gift to be given, this was just a few. I think the key to any successful gift is finding out what the other person likes and why they like it and then you can`t really go wrong, or at least you should be getting points for effort.


Valentines gift wish list

Valentines day is just around the corner now, so here are my classic Valentines day gift ideas with a bit of a difference and things I would be dreaming of. It might give you some ideas for what to get the lady in your life, a list for you to pass on as a hint to someone or maybe for you to buy yourself a gift this Valentines day.

For the women that loves Jewellery, there is only one option in my opinion, the beautiful Chelsea bracelets from Carat are so dainty and beautiful and would make any girl very happy I think. Carat’s stones sparkle like no other, and it is where I got my wedding ring from, which you can read more about, by clicking Here. There is a design for any style, but my personal favourite is the Arrow white gold finish, which is actually 50% off right now and the Cross white gold finish, both extremely beautiful. 

Second is because I love the sent of this and taking baths, so a good one for someone who likes baths and pampering. It is the Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil. I used to have the body shower and body lotion, that literally makes you smell like you have been rolling around wild roses, so this couldn’t be more fitting as a valentines gift. 

I love chocolate like most people, but Booja Booja is one of my favourite chocolate truffle brands. Not only are they organic, dairy free and gluten free, but they are also the best tasting chocolate truffles I have ever tried, especially the Hazelnut Crunch. So for this Valentines I am dreaming of the Booja Booja Special Edition Gift Collection Truffle Selection No.2, containing Rhubarb and Vanilla Fool, Hazelnut, Banoffee Toffee and Almond Caramel. 

Now if you like your bubbly or the women in your life does, then Nyetimber Classic Cuvee would be an excellent choice. We had this wine at our wedding, mainly because we thought it be perfect to have an English sparkling wine at our wedding, now that we got married in England with Danish guests (click Here to read the story). We had heard so many good things about this English sparkling wine and it did not fail, I will actually go as far as to say that this is the best sparkling wine (champagne) I have ever had.
But I think the one I would put on the Valentines gift wish list would be the Nyetimber Rose, as it couldn’t be more appropriate for Valentines than this.

I am personally not a big fan of red roses, but an obvious choice, if the one you are giving flowers to for valentines loves red roses. But for me it is all about the white flowers, also the reason I am doing an all white flowered garden in our new home. My favourite flower scent is gardenia, I have always been drawn to the beautiful and magical scent. I have tried having potted house gardenias several times, but they are a very sensitive/temperamental plant, so I have never been able to get very many flowers to bloom on them. But at a visit to a gardening centre last fall, I discovered that you can get a garden gardenia, that should be a bit more hardy. So the perfect flower to give me this valentines would be a Gardenia Jasminoides for my new garden, reminding me of love every time it flowered. 
£18.99-50.00 depending on size. for online purchase


The Five Love Languages – Book review

I have just finished the second book by Gary Chapman and since Valentines day is just around the corner, there couldn’t be a better time for me to do a bit of a book review on them, since it is about love.
I didn’t actually feel like I needed this book personally as I felt I was quite good at expressing love and receiving it, but I had heard a lot of people talking about the five Love Languages. So since I am always so intrigued about human emotions and how we are all different, actually one of the most interesting things in the world in my opinion, I just had to read the book. 

Now I will just say that I am normally not into “self help” books, but this is literally a book I think everyone should read, as it just makes so much sense, how we understand love in different ways.
The author is a marriage counselor and have found that the way we express and receive love can be divided into five different groups, but with variations. So essentially if you are giving love in one way but the person you are giving it too are not understanding love in that way, the person might not know that your are actually showing that you care about them.
I had this feeling after reading them, Now I get it! and it made me realise so much about my self but also about the people around me that I care about, so really happy I decided to read this despite thinking I didn’t needed to.
For an example, I once had a friend that would always buy me presents for no reasons and she would always be so happy when I gave her a present, but she wasn’t really a person who would ever say something nice to you and was quite selfish. I now realise that it was because that was the way she understood love was by receiving gifts, so every time she was giving me a present she was actually telling me she valued me as a friend. Now if I had known that then, we probably would have still been friends today. So this book is not just about understanding the love language of you partner, but a way to understand and give love to everyone in your life.
I also like that it is so easy to read, there are no boring long psychological paragraphs about human psyche, just straight to how we as humans give and receive love.
Now the book is written by a Christian american, which is very prominent in the books, which means the scenarios might look very different from every day life of someone living outside of the states or isn’t Christian. But that shouldn’t put you off reading this book, as it might just require you using your imagination a bit more and imagine a bit of a different scenario than the one described in the book. It is about how we understand love and not about where you live or your religion that is important, so just take what you feel you can use from the book.

I have read, The Five Love Languages – The secret to love that lasts, which is more aimed at couples.
Then I read , The Five Love Languages – Singles edition, despite not being single I liked that this book also covered how to understand the love languages of other people in your life, like friends, family and coworkers.
Both books are available on 

Dusty rose nail effect.

Not really into heart nail art for valentines day? then this might be for you. It is easy, quick and just that little bit different.
The effect and colour, reminds me of a dusty antique rose colour, perfect for a different kind of romantic look. I used two Kiko products, so this is also quite an affordable nail effect.
I have already written a post about the Kiko nail polishes, which you can click Here to read, on why they are one of my favourite nail polishes in my collection.
To achieve this effect I used Kiko nail lacquer in 372 Nude (becomes more of a rose colour than a nude when the Mat top coat is applied) and 3 in 1 Mat as a base and top coat.
You do need to pay a bit more attention while doing these nail though, as when you have applied the mat top coat, mistakes seem to be more visible. Also if you have very ridge nails, you might want to use a ridge filler base coat.
I just did one layer of base coat, two layers of 372 Nude and one layer of top coat, making sure I covered all of the nail lacquer, so you get an evenly mat nail effect.
I have worn this for a week now and like all of my past experiences with Kiko polishes, they are still chip free. The mat effect has been buffed off a bit at the end of the nail though, making that area a bit more shiny, that is all.

The nail lacquer is prised at £3.90 and the 3 in 1 Mat at £4.90.
For more information visit