Film of the month.

I have always been a passionate film watcher as far back as I can remember, I just love getting lost in a good film, to the extend that quite a few people have made funny remarks on my “obsession”.

I don’t know what it is and why this is such passion of mine, but for some reason I am just a bit of a walking film dictionary, completely unintentionally. So much so that my father in-law often makes the remark that if he was ever on who wants to be a millionaire and got a film question, I would be the first person he would call.

But it isn’t just the actual films I like, I loved my short film makeup carrier, despite the unpleasant experiences with makeup designers and stressed out film crew, I loved every minute of standing I the rain with mud up to my knees, and was so fascinated about the whole process behind how a film comes together.

I don’t get an opportunity to go to the cinema as much at the moment because of house renovation taking up time and money, even though it is possibly a perfect night out for me, to go and see a really good film at good cinema.

But currently we have the big LoveFilm subscription, which allows you to have films at home via mail and lets you watch movies online as well.
I have tried out Netflix, but found that most of the series where not up to date and there weren’t a lot of new films on there either. So as I have seen a lot of films in my time, I had already seen most of the stuff on Netflix, which made LoveFilm the better choice for me personally.

I want to start doing a film of the month review  on this blog, of a film I have watched that month, from an old film, to new on DVD or one I have watched in the cinema.

But this month I will just do my top 5 current favourite movies.

The Station Agent. I have watched this film to many times to count, and I don’t think I will ever get tired of it. I do have a hard time explaining what it is about, because there isn’t really a big plot or lesion in this film, essentially it is about 3 people there are a bit lost in their own ways, and how they come together in a bit unusual way. Really sweet and life confirming.

Amelie. But who doesn’t like this! It is just a really sweet film that is made in the most amazing way, with the colours and the way it is put together with camera angles and clips.

La Vie an Rose. I grew up with my mother listening to Edith Piaf as it reminded her of my grandmother, and I went to see it with my mother in an old cinema in Denmark that is like an old theatre. The cinema was filled with elderly ladies all wearing a lot of old fashion perfume, which smelled like I would imagine old Paris would smell, so this was a real experience for all the senses. But on top of my first experience watching this film, I just love Marion Cotillard performance and the amazing makeup in this film.

Lock stock and two smoking barrels. I like the cheeky English humour in this and the way the story evolves. But most of all I like the way the film is shot, that way only Guy Ritchie does so well, and the use of muted brow colours that dominate the film scenes, really setting the mood for the film.

Willow. Now I love a good fairy tale movie, and this is by far my favourite one. It could be that it is because it is one of the first films I remember watching in the cinema, but I still get dragged in watching it today. It is just a really good example of how a fairy tale movie should be, and it is made in a way, that despite being able to see the special effects, they don’t make you cringe compared to today’s standards.

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