Practical mummy-wear for a short and choppy mum. 

I have always swore I would be a mum that would be up for playing and having fun, even outside on rainy days, but since putting on weight after birth I was finding it hard getting practical clothes that fits and looked just a bit smart. But I finally found a few pieces that makes it easier being a practical mum and wanted to share in case anyone else was in a similar situation.

My biggest issue has been finding rainboots that fits, I have looked and looked and tried pairs after pairs, I was even at a stage of paying hundreds of dollars for a pair if only I could find a pair my big calfs would fit into. Then one day while we were in London I stumbled upon a pair on amazon that specified that they were good for big calfs and bought them on a total whim. Now they are still a tiny bit tight, but they fit and are actually comfortable to wear, and best of all they are quite cheep. You do however need thick thermal sock with them on cold days.
Watch out puddle jumping here I come!
Dunlop wide calf wellies

My second thing I had a hard time finding was a raincoat. Most I tried where way to big over the shoulders, to long in the sleeves and made me look like I was wearing a tent. I wouldn’t have minded having to fold up the end of the sleeves, but most models would have a strap detailing on the end of the sleeve, making it difficult to to fold up. Then I stumbled upon this raincoat from Uniqlo. It has raglan sleeves, meaning they will fit any shoulder width, there is no detailing on the ends of the sleeves, making it easy to alter or simply fold up and best of all it has a drawstring at the waist, so doesn’t make you look like you are wearing a tent.
The downside are, that there is no lining in it, so you will need to layer up and from reading some reviews online some where saying that if you wear straps, like when wearing a backpack it will wear on the jacket quickly. I just layer with a fleece and so far there hasn’t been any wear on mine, but I have only had it a few months, so we will see.
Uniqlo Blocktech Coat

Leggins has been my nemesis. Even when pregnant I had to fold up my maternity legging at the ankles, not a cute look. But I find that either they are way to long because of the size I need or the elastic in the waist is to tight that it give my two bellies. So when in Marks and Spencer one day, I just decided to try on a pair of their core leggings in a “short” length and they fit perfectly in both length and waist. Now they are cotton leggings, so they definitely a bit see-through, but paired with a a long sweater or tunic they are just perfect.
Marks & Spencer cotton rich leggings

Now I just need to find some rainproof thermal gloves and snow wear, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.


Marks and Spencer AW14

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Baftas 2014 Red Carpet + Giveaway


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Valentines gift wish list

Valentines day is just around the corner now, so here are my classic Valentines day gift ideas with a bit of a difference and things I would be dreaming of. It might give you some ideas for what to get the lady in your life, a list for you to pass on as a hint to someone or maybe for you to buy yourself a gift this Valentines day.

For the women that loves Jewellery, there is only one option in my opinion, the beautiful Chelsea bracelets from Carat are so dainty and beautiful and would make any girl very happy I think. Carat’s stones sparkle like no other, and it is where I got my wedding ring from, which you can read more about, by clicking Here. There is a design for any style, but my personal favourite is the Arrow white gold finish, which is actually 50% off right now and the Cross white gold finish, both extremely beautiful. 

Second is because I love the sent of this and taking baths, so a good one for someone who likes baths and pampering. It is the Ren Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil. I used to have the body shower and body lotion, that literally makes you smell like you have been rolling around wild roses, so this couldn’t be more fitting as a valentines gift. 

I love chocolate like most people, but Booja Booja is one of my favourite chocolate truffle brands. Not only are they organic, dairy free and gluten free, but they are also the best tasting chocolate truffles I have ever tried, especially the Hazelnut Crunch. So for this Valentines I am dreaming of the Booja Booja Special Edition Gift Collection Truffle Selection No.2, containing Rhubarb and Vanilla Fool, Hazelnut, Banoffee Toffee and Almond Caramel. 

Now if you like your bubbly or the women in your life does, then Nyetimber Classic Cuvee would be an excellent choice. We had this wine at our wedding, mainly because we thought it be perfect to have an English sparkling wine at our wedding, now that we got married in England with Danish guests (click Here to read the story). We had heard so many good things about this English sparkling wine and it did not fail, I will actually go as far as to say that this is the best sparkling wine (champagne) I have ever had.
But I think the one I would put on the Valentines gift wish list would be the Nyetimber Rose, as it couldn’t be more appropriate for Valentines than this.

I am personally not a big fan of red roses, but an obvious choice, if the one you are giving flowers to for valentines loves red roses. But for me it is all about the white flowers, also the reason I am doing an all white flowered garden in our new home. My favourite flower scent is gardenia, I have always been drawn to the beautiful and magical scent. I have tried having potted house gardenias several times, but they are a very sensitive/temperamental plant, so I have never been able to get very many flowers to bloom on them. But at a visit to a gardening centre last fall, I discovered that you can get a garden gardenia, that should be a bit more hardy. So the perfect flower to give me this valentines would be a Gardenia Jasminoides for my new garden, reminding me of love every time it flowered. 
£18.99-50.00 depending on size. for online purchase


My wedding ring

wedding rings

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I got married.


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Finding your colours

Part of my training at makeup school was colour testing, and I remember at the time thinking “ this is so worthless to learn”, but actually it is probably one of the things I have gotten most use out of, and where I feel I have been most helpful to others.

Now I am not talking go colour testing nuts and never where colours that aren’t a 100% in your colour circle ever again, or walk around with paint sample things in your bag with your colours, only buying colours that match (I have seen my fair share when colour testing was a big thing).
And even though it doesn’t seem that important knowing your colours before your mid thirties, as younger skin can get away with a lot more, getting your colours right can really take 10 years of you, or add 10 if you get it wrong, so worth knowing at any age.
I will try and make this as simple as possible, as the main thing to know is if you look good with warm colours or cooler colours.
So if you look at the colour wheel above you can sort of split it half and see how one side has more blue and the other more yellow in the colours (with one warm having sneaked into the cool side), and when you have found your colours, this is how you should look at things, if they have a cold (blue) undertone or a warm (yellow) undertone.
But even warm colours can sometimes have a cold undertone and wise versa. If you see the picture below, one colour wheel has a grey filter over it (more cool coloured) and the other a golden brown filter (more warm), to illustrate a cold and warm version of the colour wheel.

Hope I haven’t lost you yet!  I know this subject can be a bit hard to figure out.
So how do you find out what colours suite you? The easiest way is to look at your eye colour, your natural hair colour and your skin tone, even though I find that people often gets confused when it comes to skin colour, so let’s skip that one as looking at eye and hair colour is often enough I find.
Take a look at your eye colour, do they have a cold or warm undertone to them? For instance if they are clear blue, you might be best with cooler colours, or if they are more golden green, warm colours might be for you. Same with hair, does your natural hair have a red undertone to it or more of a “greyish” (not grey as in grey hairs, but more of an ash tone to it).
Best test is really to bring out all your clothes and/or makeup and just try things out, with a clean no makeup face. So with clothes, hold the colour up under to chin, and if a colour makes you look washed out or just makes your bare face look dull, then the colour might not be for you and you put it in a bad pile. But if it brightens your completion, makes you look fresh and compliments your skin tone, then you can put in the good pile, and slowly you will probably see a pattern forming.
Same with makeup really, and you have probably tried a lipstick on and it made you feel like you where wearing way too much makeup, that was probably because it was the wrong colour for you. The right makeup colours for you should sort of look like they belong on your face naturally, even bright colours, so if you look to “made” up, then the colour might not be for you.
A test of making one half of the face up in warm colours and the other in cold, can also be a great test, as you can really see the difference.
Once you realise what colours suite you best, it really does make things like shopping or deciding things so much easier, even like choosing a new hair colour that suites you becomes so much easier.
A good example I have, is when I was out shopping with a friend, we went into a beauty shop to look at makeup, and she went straight for some red lipsticks. She had seen this picture in a magazine of a women wearing a very bright orangey red lipstick, and thought it looked so nice that she wanted to try wearing red lipstick for the first time, but had now tried countless of lipsticks but hadn’t found one she liked. The problem was that she has clear blue eyes and naturally ash blond hair, so an orangey red would always look not quite right on her. I explain to her why she might wanted to go for a more cherry red instead, as it has a more blue undertone and would suite her better. We found a great cherry red lipstick for her, and she now can’t get enough of wearing red lipstick.
So if you see the picture below, it sort of illustrate how reds, like most colours can be cold and warm, and when you see them meeting in the middle where they are the lightest, you can clearly see that one has a pink undertone and the other a peach undertone. So there is a red for everyone, you just have to find the right red tone for you.
But don’t stress too much about it, it is after all clothes and makeup we are talking about, and those things are suppose to be fun, not stress you out. So have fun with it, as finding your colours can be an interesting and fun experience if you let it.
If you want me to go more into details about colour testing or maybe show more colour scales of colours in cool and warm, please let me know in the comments below, and I will see what I can do.

Why M&S has become one of my favourite shops.

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