Fragonard Perfume and visiting Grasse, France.

Fragonard perfume factory

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Baftas 2014 Red Carpet + Giveaway


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Natural hair dyes

Working as a hairdresser I developed a little bit of a sensitivity to a lot of products you use when working in a salon, actually a lot of hairdressers do, despite using rubber gloves and having good ventilation. 
One of my biggest problems to date, is hair colouring, which leaves my scalp itchy for a few weeks after and makes me break out in little red and dry bumps in my scalp and on my forehead. Not really something that I feel like I want to inflict on myself if possible, but since I don’t really feel like it is time for me to show off the few grey hairs I have now acquired, I have been searching to find a brand that works for me.

So far I have found two more natural brands that works for me personally and they are both shop brands. Despite being a big believer in salon hair colour, in these cases I will make an exception, as they are not colour heavy like most store brands. 
First is an English brand called Tint of nature, that uses Organic ingredients for their natural ingredients. This was the first one I started using and the one I find most gentle on my scalp, but this one isn’t as easy to get a hold off any more, since the place I used to get it from closed down. So I sometimes switch to Naturtint, which is a Spanish brand that is available at Holland and Barrets and Whole Foods. 


They are both very similar in the end result. Both are ammonia free and have a very gentle scent to them, though I would advice still colouring your hair where there is good ventilation and to use gloves.
With both colours you get an amazing shine to your hair after colouring and the hair feels very soft and nourished, almost like after a hair treatment.
The colour stay is a bit different than normal shop brands, in that they fade a lot quicker, but this is actually a good thing in my opinion. This means the colour isn’t colour heavy in your hair, so if you ever want to go lighter or even blond, it will be a lot easier, plus it won’t weigh down your hair.
The colour starts to fade around the four week mark, which is where most hair colourist, if getting your hair coloured in a salon, suggest that you get your hair re-coloured again anyway.
And for covering greys, I will say it covers around 98%, like most salon colours.
All in all these hair colours would get full stars from me if I was rating them in that way.


On more information on both brands visit: 



The Organic Pharmacy Discovery Kit

Because I am doing Eco Friendly March, I wanted to try going all organic with skincare again. It has been around 14 years since I used all organic products and back then it was the Dr.Hauschka series. Despite not being that impressed then, I thought things must have changed in the last 14 years, and organic skincare products must have become a lot better since then, so gave them a go again.
I had heard quite a few people talk about The Organic Pharmacy and after looking on their website and seeing a Discovery/Travel kit, I decided to try that one out, as it gave me a chance to try out most of their products all at once.

It is quite an expensive Discovery set at £45, especially if you do the math, as product wise, you are actually paying £9 more for the products per ml all together. Plus the sizes of the products are a bit to small to really try out the products, as I am a very big believer in the 3 week rule when trying out products, but with these sizes there simply wouldn’t be enough for 3 weeks.

The Carrot Butter Cleanser, I found very difficult to wash off, it almost felt like trying to wipe off vaseline and it left to much residue for my skins liking. It only lasted me a week as well.
The Herbal Toner was wonderful and smelled really nice and fresh, I did find it a bit drying on my skin though.
The Antioxidant Face Gel, is probably the only one I would purchase again, as I really liked the way it absorbed into my skin and it had a really lovely citrusy smell but in a light and fresh way. I do however think there are a lot better antioxidants on the market that are far less expensive.
The Antioxidant Face Firming Serum I actually had to stop using after a week, as it was way to rich for my skin. It didn’t really get absorbed by my skin, just laid on top of my skin, making my skin feel very oily all day and clocking up my pores.
The Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream, this smelled lovely and was very nice when applying on the skin, but again, I feel like there are a lot better products on the market for that price.


I think a lot of the problems I have with organic products, is that they are just not formulated well enough to penetrate deep enough into the layers of the skin and to develop it so it does, would mean it would no longer be qualified as organic.


So all in all I wasn’t a big fan and sort of wish I had spent my money on something else, as £45 is a lot of money for not even two weeks worth of products.



Zoya Nail Polishes, Big 5 Free Formula.

I was so excited to try this, probably the thing I was most excited to try in my eco friendly march trials, but I am not sure I am a convert just yet unfortunately.
I had heard about Zoya nail products before, but I didn’t actually realise it was one of the non toxic brands, so when seeing it in whole foods, I just had to try it out for this month. The whole foods I was in didn’t have a great colour selection, so I went home and found some more colours online. 
I had purchased the base coat, a half size nail polish in the colour Neely and the nail polish remover from the brand. I was going to buy the top coat as well, but I just felt like I would end up using to much money on a brand I didn’t know that well. 

I had to try this three times before it worked somewhat.
First time using it, I applied one coat of base coat and two layers of polish and found it quite difficult to apply. It was quite late in the evening when I applied it and had gone to bed a few hours later, just to wake up the next morning with marks in all my nails from the duvet cover and examining them closely there was a few tiny chips as well.
Next day I took it off in the morning and applied the base coat and polish like the day before, but on one hand I applied a layer of my normal top coat. I was working on the computer all morning, so this time it got 4 hours of drying time, but I still felt it was a bit tacky and ended up working like a princess to not ruin my nails (but who has time for that right?!). Next morning it was the same, my nails was filled with marks on both hands and again some tiny chips.
So I tried again, this time with no base coat and no top coat, just two thin layers of the polish and it worked a lot better and was a lot easier to apply. It was dry about 30 minutes after applying, though still a tiny bit tacky for about an hour.
I have had it on now for 5 days and no chipping, but I has gotten quite a few marks in the nails (as you can see in top picture) and on two fingers some of the polish has melted a bit when the touching the side of a hot kettle.
Plus because my nails are quite ridged I found that when just using the polish on its own, the ridges stood out more.
Now I don’t know if it had been better if I had gotten the top coat, if maybe you need to use the series together?
I love the colour though, like a dusty mint colour and the fact that it doesn’t have a horrible smell, not even the nail polish remover.
Now the nail polish remover is just amazing, I don’t think I have ever used a more efficient nail polish remover, removing polish in one swipe and the packaging is just genius. Did find it a little bit drying on the nails though, but nothing major.

After trying it out and not being super happy with the result, I went online and read a few reviews and it seems like most people love it, so I don’t know if it is just my polish there is something wrong with or the formula just doesn’t work for me. Have you ever tried Zoya polishes?


Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil

I bought this little bottle of Josie Maran 100% pure argan oil, when we were in the States at the end of last year, but since I still had some of my other facial oil left, I didn’t start using it until the beginning of this year. 
I only bought the small travel size as I had heard a few people saying that it was to rich for their skin and made them break out. I do find that some facial oils clock up my pores, but I also find that that dry oils makes me get dry patches, so I decided to just try the small size of the original version.

Firstly, which is a big plus for me, is that the oil has no scent what so ever, it even has less scent than water does, crazy! I don’t think I have ever come across an oil that didn’t have a scent, but this is so welcoming to me as I normally can’t stand a lot of scents natural oils have on my skin.
Second is that it is quite rich, yes, but my skin was fine with it if I only use very little during the day and it absorbs quite quickly, without clocking up any pores. 
I have mainly been using it in the evening instead of a night cream and after 6 weeks my skin definitely looks more hydrated and firm, even my pores look diminished.
I now regret not buying the big bottle, but isn’t that often the way it goes! 
I can only cross my fingers that Josie Maran will come to the UK at one point, as after trying this amazing oil, I now want to try the whole line out. Especially the new Pure Argan Milk Intensive Hydrating Treatment, that just sounds like skin heaven in a bottle and the Argan Daily Moisturiser with SPF 47, that seems to have just launched.
But for now, if you are living in the UK like me, you can currently get a hold of some of the products on QVC UK. Click Here to find out more.

I think this brand in general fits so well with my eco friendly March theme, as companies goes, they just tick all the boxes in regards to ingredients, ethically and humanitarienly. Click Here to read more about Josie Maran.


Kikos ready-to-go art nail patches

I really like these ready-to-go art coats for when you are in a hurry, as you can literally have cool looking nails in 10 minutes before you have to be out the door for an event. 
I Picked up a pack in the Kiko store after having looked at them online. I thought I had picked up the 03 Taupe lace, but actually I had picked up 302 Lace Cover by mistake. So when applying them, I realised they were transparent. Downside of this is that you have to use it with a nail polish as a background (tried it without, doesn’t look great), but upside is that you can choose any background for the lace affect, making it match to any outfit. I paired it with the Kiko polish in 303 Beige Chrome, which makes it a perfect parring with a simple black dress I think.

They are super easy to apply, they do take a bit longer than 10 minutes when you have to apply a base colour however, but the instant dry effect is still a life saver when having to apply just before leaving for an event. You can watch Kikos own video on how to apply them by clicking Here.

A few tips I have picked up during the years with these nail patch arts are:

  • Make sure to have completely clean nails before applying 
  • Flatten down the middle of the nail, then down the sides, helps prevent creasing.
  • Use a glass nail file to remove the excess, as it will make a smoother edge.
  • Use  top coat to cap the end of the nail, if your natural nail is prone to chipping.
  • And don’t forget to save the leftover nail patches, as they can always be cut to size and used as an accent nail effect.

Having worn them for a week, even though they didn’t really worked with all my outfits during the week, but I truly believe in testing a product out properly before reviewing. I have to say they still look amazing with no chips only a microscopical wear at the tips of the nails, so will say that these nail patch arts have truly lived up to what they claim to do, I am truly impressed.


Kérastase Biotic and Resistance

Once again it seems I have a new Kérastase post, click Here to read the others, but this truly is one of my favourite hair care brands.
I was looking on Kérastase website, reading about some of the new’er products and for some reason I didn’t seem to be able to find the Specifique Bain Vital Dermo-Calm that I wrote about not long ago, but instead there were some new (probably not that new though) Specifique products called Bain Bio-Recharge. Now I don’t know if it means that the Bain Bio-Recharge has replaced the Bain Vital Dermo-Calm and I have tried contacting Kérastase about it, but with no response so far, but it seems to be aimed at the same thing the Bain Bio-Recharge just targeting a few more areas.

First time trying it definitely has a very different scent than any other Kérastase products, a bit more clinical, that I wasn’t a big fan of first time around. But now that I have tried it for a month, I now really like the scent, as it leaves the hair with a very clean scent.
I paired it with an old favourite Ciment Anti-Usure, as I know this is great for damaged hair and as I am trying to grow out my hair a bit, I want to keep my ends in tip top condition.
After first wash my hair felt extremely clean and scalp felt very nourished. I let it air dry that first time and was quite surprised to find my hair looking like I had blow-dried it, when normally it looks a bit frizzy when I let it air dry. 
Now after a month of use I still find it amazing at giving shine at the same time as giving my hair a bit of volume and body. I will actually go as far as to say that it might be working a bit to well, as the other day while looking in the mirror I literally had a little sparkle at the roots of my hair, that turned out to be a grey hair that was so shiny that it sparkled. So downside is, I suppose I will have to start colouring my hair a bit more often with this shampoo! But besides that I can’t say anything bad about this shampoo, I am just so impressed.


Effect top coat from Formula X for Sephora

I did a review on the Formula X for Sephora back in December, click Here to read, but I had sort of forgot about the impulse buy, the Effects top coat in Chaotic that I had also bought from the line, so thought I would do a quick review on it now.
I don’t normally go for effect top coats, actually you will rarely see me with anything other than a plain colour on my nails. I don’t really know why, because I like effect nails or nail art on others, but when it comes to my nails I am just very plain an boring I suppose. So why I picked up this effect top coat from Formula X, I don’t really know, I must have been sucked in by the whole loveliness off it all I suppose. But I clearly didn’t think rationally when picking this up, because in my head I thought it might give a cool effect on the black colour I picked up from the line as well…….I know, clearly a malfunction in my makeup brain, as obviously when their is both black and white dots in it and actually mainly black ones, it won’t really show up on top of black base. It still gives an effect, but just wasn’t what I had in my head.
After having tried it out on black polish, I just sort of put it in with my other nail polishes and forgot about it. But then seeing a picture of a chunky gold glitter top coat on a nude nail polish, it gave me an idea and as you can see from the picture this is the result.

Despite not being a big nail effects person I kind of like this nail effect, it sort of reminds me of sixties art for some reason.
I am not sure I like the little straight confetti that are in there, I sort of wish it was just different sized dots, but never the less I still like it. 
I layered it with the starter system also from Formula X and on top of BarryM Gelly Hi Shine in Lychee.
The staying power is just as good as the black polish I bought from the range, actually a bit better, in that if you get a chip, you can’t really see it in the camouflage of the dots.


Romantic pampering for one

So today is Valentines day and I am going to be sitting alone tonight as my husband is working. Now we don’t really celebrate Valentines day in a big way anyway, but for some reason it sort of feels wrong not to celebrate it a little bit despite being alone. Kind of like when I was on the couch alone being sick this new year, it just didn’t feel right to waist a perfectly good celebration.
So I have come up with a plan for tonight to have an evening of pampering, so if you are alone this evening or having a girls night, this might be for you. But don’t let this be just a pampering night on valentines day, make sure you always make some quality time for your self, because if you are not nice to your self, then why should other people be.

Now I am still trying to be more healthy, so I have found a few snacks that are still a treat, as no good pampering night is any good without treats, but these are just a bit more on the healthier side. I will be having Booja Booja ice-“cream” that is a good alternative to dairy ice-cream, that is organic, soy and gluten free, made without refined sugar and taste incredibly yummy. There might also be a few of BeyondDark chocolate buttons involved in tonights pampering…….or not might, there will be! (read more about them by clicking Here).

That is the treats sorted out, now on to the pampering part of the evening. 
I have planned:
A relaxing bath with The Eco Bath London, Muscle and joint pain Epsom salt bath soak, this stuff is so good and really relaxes all my muscles and my back, making me very relaxed.
Apivita, express beauty with pink clay mask, with is a gentle cleansing mask. 
A few candles and dimmed light is a must to get really relaxed 
And to keep hydrated and taking care of beauty from the inside, a green lemonade, click Here for recipe.

Time for  pyjamas 
Followed by Origins Drink Up Intensive mask, for ultimate hydration 
Then a little pampering manicure with my No.7 polishes in the colour Beanie. This is actually one of my favourite high street nail polish brands, as the base coat and top coat make the manicure last a long time, the brushes are rounded making them easy to apply, and the Beanie colour is the most used colour during winter, as it just seems to go with everything.  
My current favourite hand cream from Raunsborg.

For tonights entertainment, I have picked out 3 of my favourite romantic movies to choose from, Amélie, Chocolat and Roman Holiday. They are all perfect if you are having Valentines alone, because it all involves women who are independent, but who finds love, might be in different ways, but love non the less.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentines day.