Small DIY Storage

Moppe ikea hack

When you come into our bedroom, the first thing you see is our two chest of drawers that leads up to the window. The chest of drawers only has 4 drawers in each, which isn’t a lot for two people, so we needed more storage! The only thing was that because the chest of drawers are leading up to the window and are the exact same hight as the window sill, putting any big storage on top meant that it would take some of the light from the window, but also make the room seem very small.

But one day browsing the internet, I came across a picture where someone had taken the Moppe wood storage from Ikea and painted it in a dark brown, with a distressed affect and added brass handles. Now this wouldn’t fit our very white home, so I decided to do a version that would fit our style and I love the end result.

They would also be great for a desk, for pens and small office things.

Moppe ikea hack 2

What you will need:
1 x Moppe wood storage from Ikea
White acrylic based paint that is suitable for wood
Paint primer (if you have any, just makes it a bit easier)
4 x Antique drawer pull handle with label frame card holder, in chrome. (I got mine off eBay).
8 x Small screws with nuts (countersunk screws 1.6cm x 3mm with fitting nuts and washers)
Brush and small paint roller.

Alternatively, you can use white acrylic spray paint if you feel confident to use that.

Simply paint the wooden storage, using a combination of the paint roller and the brush where the roller can’t cover and let it dry completely.

Mark out where the handles should be and pre-drill the holes for the screws. Then attach the handles to the drawers (you need to use different screws than the ones that come with the handles, so not to have a sharp end sticking out inside the drawer).

Print out or hand write notes for the content of the drawers, to put in the window of each handle.