Personal Homemade Present in Photoshop

Letter Print

I have actually made quite a few of these for close friends now and it all started with me wanting to make a very personal first year wedding anniversary present for my husband, which is the paper year.
Then I made one as a Christmas present for a friend who needed reminding of how special she was and then there were brothers 30th birthday, where I made it in a huge poster size with words from family and friends.

Now this is not an easy or quick present to make someone, but the fact that this will have taken some time to make and it is made up of personal words, is what makes this an even more special present for someone.

Like the title says it is made in Photoshop, so it really helps if you have basic knowledge of the program before starting the project. I will also try and make a handmade version of this at some point, though I am not sure it will be before Christmas, but if you try it out, please let me know how you got on.

Step one: Start by making a new file ⌘N in the size of you wanted print size for the frame you intend to use or if you give without a frame, something like a standard A4 size is always a good option.

Step two: Make a big letter in a light grey colour that fills out the paper size, about 600-800 pt depending on the font, making room for the frame edges, that might “cut off” some of the printed size.
Make the letter into a picture layer instead of a text layer. I normally just make a new layer underneath the layer with the letter, make sure the letter layer is selected and click merge down ⌘E.

Letter psd step one

Step Three: Make a list of all the words you want to use. Words that describes the person like Kind, Thoughtful, Dependable or words that has meaning to that person, like Football, Drawing, Tea etc. Depending on how big you want the letters and the print, you will need about between 100-300 words. Try and think of some smaller words, as this will help once you need to fill small gaps.

Step Four: Start filling in the words in independent text layers and using free transform ⌘T, turn the words to wanted direction. You can also stretch the words if needed, making them a bit taller or longer.
A good tip is to start with the longer words, as the beginning is where you have more space. Also a good idea to start with a few of the more important words that you really want to stand out and make them a bit bigger.
Otherwise it is all about changing the word size and turning, to get the puzzle to come together.

Letter psd step two

Step Five: Close the eye of main letter during working, to see how things look. Once done, save the psd. document ⌘S, so you always have a backup to go back to in case you find an error later. Then simply delete the big letter layer and flatten image, save as new image Shift⌘S in jpg format and it is ready to get printed and framed.

Letter psd step three

If you try this, please send me a picture via Twitter or Instagram as I would love to see.