Handmade Bookmark


A handmade present is quite often worth more to the person who is receiving it, than any store bought present and if you know someone who loves to read books, then this handmade present idea might be just the thing to make.

I have made mine in an Alice in Wonderland inspired theme, but it could be anything you know the person you are making it for might be interested in.
I like how this bookmark looks when on a bookshelf and think this will make a lovely present on its own or given together with a book.

You kan get the material for this on ebay or from a hobby shops.

I used:
one metal dollhouse tea cup
one open jump ring
about 50cm/25inches of satin ribbon 7mm wide
one tag
a tong
and a pen

bookmark howto

1.Attach the open jump ring to the tea cup, using a tong.
2.Write Drink Me on the tag, using a black pen.
3.Attach the ribbon to the jump ring and tag, one at a time and tie a knot.
4.Cut off excess ribbon and hey presto, your done.

If you make this, then please share with me a picture of your creation via Twitter or tag me in your picture on Instagram.