What has been going on lately.


The picture pretty much sums up what I have been doing for the last few months and why I have have had to put aside blogging for a while.

If you follow me on Instagram or have read This post from July 2013, you will probably know that we bought our first house almost two years ago and are renovation it.

We had originally thought that the renovations would take about a year, but we have had ALOT of obstacles and therefor one year has turned into almost two years now.

Unfortunately when you are living in a building site, you get to a stage where you sort off “get use to it” and therefor get less and less motivated to finishing it. So we set ourself a goal to finish the house by September, for our own sakes, as it would be nice to actually be able to relax and enjoy the house, instead of always having to look at unfinished jobs and get stressed about it. Also for finical reasons and to have a social life again, as this house has quite frankly been taken over our lives and it is about time that we take it back I think. Currently we are using all of our spare time working on finishing the house, so we will make our deadline somewhat, though at this point I don’t think we will, but I am hoping we will have the building part done and “just” have the decorating left.

But that does mean that post on my blog will probably not be as constant as I would like, as when I do have some time to sit down, my mind it so preoccupied with a million renovation work to do lists, that there isn’t any space for blogging thoughts and I don’t really experience anything to blog about either. But I will be back soon and there will probably be a few renovation/decorating post coming as well.

Hope you are all having a lovely summer (or what is left of it anyway)