Top 10 Christmas Movies


I think most of us have our favourite Christmas movies, but I just thought I would share mine in case there might be a few you hadn’t seen from my list and you needed a new good Christmas movie to get you in a Christmas mood.

1. It’s a wonderful life from 1946. I think this movie is my all time favourite. I am a bit of a sucker for a good black and white movie, but add Christmas and a moving story and I am sold. This is about sometimes sacrificing for others and making a bigger impact on peoples lives than you might think. This movie has me in tears every time, it is that moving!

2. The Muppet Christmas Carol from 1992. I am a big fan of the story A Christmas Carol, but think a lot of the film adaptations are a bit dark and sometimes a bit depressing. Despite not being a big Muppet fans, this version is fun and colourful, has great songs and a lot of fun characters. Plus has Michael Caine as Scrooge, so what more can you ask for in a great Christmas movie.

3. White Christmas from 1954. This is another black and white movie, but now most versions are coloured in versions. I think everyone will know the song, but the movie is really great also. It is all about comradery and helping out friends, new and old. It is all together a heartwarming movie.

Another one that is great, but that I feel is what was the inspiration for White Christmas, is Holiday Inn from 1942, which also stars Bing Crosby and the song White Christmas, but White Christmas is just that more heartwarming and sweet.

4. The Christmas Candle from 2013. Now I had my reservations in before watching this movie, mainly because some of the actors in it, but this turned out to be such a sweet film about belief and community, a real feel good film with a few laughs as well.

5. Beauty and the Beast The Enchanted Christmas from 1997. I think we all have a Disney film that they associate with Christmas, for me it is this one. I do love the original movie for Christmas, but this one is just that much more christmasy and will bring out your inner Christmas child.

6. Scrooged from 1988. It is a “modern” version of A Christmas Carol staring Bill Murray as high executive person who has no time for others and no christmas spirit. It is just really fun 80’s movie and with great performances.

7. Meet me in St. Louis from 1944. Staring Judy Garland where she is singing the song Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas. It isn’t that christmasy in the sense that only a little part of the film takes place at Christmas time, but it is such a happy film with a lot of great songs and a sweet story line.

8. Fred Clause from 2007. I wasn’t sure about this one at first, mainly because I hadn’t seen Vince Vaughn in any roles that I liked, but for me this is such a laugh out loud film, mainly because of the elfs and how they are made. Plus the scene with DJ Donnie and the elfs rocking out to a Elvis remix, is just one of the best scenes I have ever seen.

9. Santa Claus from 1985. This for me is a real nostalgic one, as I watched this when I was quite young and was so fascinated by it, to me this was how santa and his workshop looked and worked. It wasn’t until I was an adult I watched again and every time it reminds me of being a child again.

10. The Snowman from 1982. I think this is one that everyone has seen, especially here in England, where it seems like it is so much associated with Christmas, that you can get almost everything with The Snowman prints around Christmas. But the reason I like it is because of the beautiful animation and the music, plus the fact that you can watch this with the whole family as this truly is something at any age can watch.

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