The Five Love Languages – Book review

I have just finished the second book by Gary Chapman and since Valentines day is just around the corner, there couldn’t be a better time for me to do a bit of a book review on them, since it is about love.
I didn’t actually feel like I needed this book personally as I felt I was quite good at expressing love and receiving it, but I had heard a lot of people talking about the five Love Languages. So since I am always so intrigued about human emotions and how we are all different, actually one of the most interesting things in the world in my opinion, I just had to read the book. 

Now I will just say that I am normally not into “self help” books, but this is literally a book I think everyone should read, as it just makes so much sense, how we understand love in different ways.
The author is a marriage counselor and have found that the way we express and receive love can be divided into five different groups, but with variations. So essentially if you are giving love in one way but the person you are giving it too are not understanding love in that way, the person might not know that your are actually showing that you care about them.
I had this feeling after reading them, Now I get it! and it made me realise so much about my self but also about the people around me that I care about, so really happy I decided to read this despite thinking I didn’t needed to.
For an example, I once had a friend that would always buy me presents for no reasons and she would always be so happy when I gave her a present, but she wasn’t really a person who would ever say something nice to you and was quite selfish. I now realise that it was because that was the way she understood love was by receiving gifts, so every time she was giving me a present she was actually telling me she valued me as a friend. Now if I had known that then, we probably would have still been friends today. So this book is not just about understanding the love language of you partner, but a way to understand and give love to everyone in your life.
I also like that it is so easy to read, there are no boring long psychological paragraphs about human psyche, just straight to how we as humans give and receive love.
Now the book is written by a Christian american, which is very prominent in the books, which means the scenarios might look very different from every day life of someone living outside of the states or isn’t Christian. But that shouldn’t put you off reading this book, as it might just require you using your imagination a bit more and imagine a bit of a different scenario than the one described in the book. It is about how we understand love and not about where you live or your religion that is important, so just take what you feel you can use from the book.

I have read, The Five Love Languages – The secret to love that lasts, which is more aimed at couples.
Then I read , The Five Love Languages – Singles edition, despite not being single I liked that this book also covered how to understand the love languages of other people in your life, like friends, family and coworkers.
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