Shippable Father’s Day Gift Ideas

fathers day shippable gifts

Like Mothers day, fathers day seem to be on different dates around the world, though most are on the 15th like here in the UK. But places like Germany has theirs on the 29th of May, Switzerland and Lithuania on the 1st of June and Denmark where I am sending my fathers day present the 5th of June. Fun fact, the 5th of June is also the Danish Constitution day, a national holiday, celebrating the day the constitution was signed in 1849.

So with that in mind, I thought I would post my shippable fathers day present a bit early. So like the post I did on the shippable mothers day presents, these are all things that are easy to mail, not to heavy and affordable, to read that post Click Here.

As we are coming into summer, I think a new summer cap is a great choice, fashionable and practical at the same time. I am personally crazy about the flat caps currently and Marks and Spencer have some very nice and affordable at the moment. Plus these will fold down like a pancake, making them very easy to send via mail.
Price £19.50. Click Here for more information.

Flowers and Chocolate always seems to be something you buy for women, but actually there are some very manly chocolates out there and lets be honest, men love chocolate just as much as women do. I especially like these artisan chocolate bars from Artisan du Chocolat London, that include a 100% cacao, tobacco and dark cardamon.
Price from £3.50. Click Here for more information.

Most men love their meat and their bbq, and if your dad is one of those men, he will surely love getting either some bbq rub or beef jerky from Billy Franks. Not only is this the best beef jerky according to my husband, but it is also made from british grass feed cows, so really an impressive brand.
Price from £2.50. Click Here for more information.

As a clothing option I personally love this Prim & Proper T-Shirt, with a bowler hat and monocle. But besides being a great gift, I like that the t-shirts come from a small start up company, they are made with organic cotton and hand printed with environmentally friendly ink, making them an extra special present I think. Plus this print, kind of reminds me of the Jeeves and Wooster intro, so if your dad was a fan of that tv-series, he might like this.
Price £20.00. Click Here for more information.

Last present is a classic and if your dad is remotely interested in second world war, he would probably love this dvd gift set in a tin box of the complete series of Band of Brothers. It is such an exceptional series, that I think even women can join in with watching, about camaraderie and support during hard times.
Price from £14.75. Click Here for more information.