My wedding ring

wedding rings

My now husband proposed to me on my birthday on a long weekend in Nice, France. But because he knows me to well and how fuzzy I am with jewellery, he had bought a plain cheep silver ring and proposed to me with that and a promise that we would find a ring I really liked together.

wedding ring2

Months after proposing I had still not come across a ring I really loved, except for a Tiffany’s ring at the mere cost of £ 20.000. But first off I wouldn’t even feel comfortable walking around with something that valuable on my finger, second, I would rather put the money towards downpayment on a house.

But one day walking around Covent Garden for some christmas shopping, we walked past the Carat shop, and in the window sparkling out to me was THE ring, except for the pink stone in the middle, it was very similar to the ring at Tiffany’s. I almost fell over the door step getting into the shop as I couldn’t get in fast enough to inquire about the price and the possibility of a similar ring with all clear stones.

Turns out all clear stones was available, but had to have her repeat the price, as couldn’t believe that I had heard her right when saying the price was only £ 257.

But on explanation it turned out that Carat is a company that specialises in high quality man made diamonds, with amazing clarity that has a lifetime warranty, set in gold or white gold bands.

For the 5 years I have been wearing this ring, I wouldn’t even have even been able to keep track on how many people have complimented me on my ring and how amazingly it sparkles. I have even had quite a big amount of remarks, that I must have a rich fiancé.

I don’t always say to people that it is man made diamonds, but the once I do are shocked when I say it, as you would never be able to spot it without knowing.

On a side note, I didn’t actually get married with the ring I got from the Covent Garden shop, as that one was stolen a year after I got it, and unfortunately my insurance didn’t cover it. But I have to say that at the time (still am actually) I was obviously distraught for the sentimental side of it , but was so grateful that I hadn’t used £ 20.000 on it. Contacting Carat the next day to get an exact copy of the ring and they where more than helpful.

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