My 2014 and My 2015


It is a funny thing time, one year doesn’t seem that long, but reading my 2013 and my 2014 blog post I did this time last year, it just seems so much longer since I was writing that.

In a lot of ways, things are just like last year, 2014 has also revolved around house renovation and my hope of having time to other things, didn’t really seem to happen.
But it has also been a year where a lot of the individual projects in the house has been finished and I have grown a lot personally.

One of the more exhausting projects that we did on the house last year, was the office/guest room, as we had to get it finished before guests was scheduled to visit at the end of November. This pretty much meant that I worked on the house 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, in October and November. But having said that, it was also one of the most rewarding projects, as I knew I would be happy to finally have my own area in the house, but didn’t really realise how much it would mean to me before I actually got it. I feel a million times more inspired to sit down and write, then I have ever felt, so weird that a room can do that to you, which now makes it worth all the hard work and late nights, getting it finished.

But it has also made be realise that I have a lot more willpower than I give myself credit for, as there were days where I felt like I just wanted to give up and postpone things, but I never did. Didn’t even give up when I had to stay up until 3.00am to paint the doors, so they would be completely dry for the next day.

We have also finished the new bathroom and the garden, so things are defiantly looking up on the house renovation front and blogpost will be coming up soon on those projects.

Now that the house is almost done, it is definitely time to get some of my projects and my long list of ideas in action and 2015 will hopefully be the year when a lot of this will happen. The hopes I had for 2014 hasn’t really changed so much for this year, I just hope that I can get more of those goals fulfilled this year, as unfortunately I didn’t seem to get to many done last year. But it is a new year and this year I have the time and willpower and I will work very hard to reach my goals this year.

So to you who are reading this, I wish you a wonderful and amazing 2015, may it be filled with love and all your wishes coming true.