My 2013 and my 2014


I started out my new year by being sick. Actually had one of the most un-memorable new years eves of my life, just me and the cat on the sofa with the duvet, coughing my lunges out.

But despite that, I think the fact that I had been indoors for almost 2 weeks, made me think about not wasting this year. Mainly for the fact that it seems such a waste of time to be sick, just lying in bed thinking about the things you want to do. So this year I will stop just thinking about things and just do them!

2013 has been a real memorable year that I will never forget, mainly just for the fact that I got married this year. But also because we have been working on our own home this year and had an unforgettable trip to the states.

You hear so much about people splitting up after starting a renovation job together, and after starting this project I totally understand why. You are constantly stressed, everything seems to be about money, you are living in a building mess and you rarely want things done the same way.

But despite all that, you also have a chance to grow closer as a couple, if you remember to close the door to the building mess every night and look back on the day and value what you have accomplished together.

So it might sound crazy to a lot of people that we decided to get married in the middle of everything, but it was after reflecting on all we had been through and accomplished the last couple of years, that we started talking about why we hadn’t “found the time” to get married. Read the whole story HERE.

But I think if a relationship can survive renovating a house, it can survive almost anything.

We are no where near finished with the house, but we have started enjoying the areas that are nearly done. So I know that 2014 will be a year when I get to enjoy our new house completely and value it even more for all the hard work that has gone into it.

2013 also got me back into blogging again, which I had thought about and longed for, for a very long time. Before we bought the house I used to only blog on my lactose free blog, but after a lot of thought I brought this old blog bag to life. I am so happy with my decision, as this way I now get to share all the thing in my life I like.

Now for my 2014, I hope this will be the year where I evolve and see my blog grow a lot more. Also hope to be able to do more videos for the blog, as the end of 2013 was hopefully just the beginning of that.

I hope to go explore a lot more this year, to take small trips or just explore London, as I have now lived here for 6 years, and still don’t feel like I have scratched the surface of this wonderful place I now call home.

This is also the year to get fit again, not loose weight, but just getting into cooking healthy food again, now that I have a kitchen, and to be more active like I used to be.

And last but defiantly now least, this is the year when I will make an effort to meet new people and be better at taking time out from renovating the house to see old friends more as well.

So to you who are reading this, I wish you a wonderful and amazing 2014, may it be filled with love and all your wishes come true.