I got married.


So I got married, and it was kind of a secret.

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My now husband and I have been together 11 years, and we had talked about getting married so many times, but just never got around to set a date. Doesn’t sound very romantic, I know! but it turned out that non of us really wanted a big wedding, so that was why we had both been stalling a bit (major communicating error). Turns out we both just wanted it to be about the two of us, no fuss, no stress, just two people declaring to each other that they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Back to being romantic right?

So we went to our local registry office to inquire about getting married, turns out it only requires a bit a paper work, an interview and 17 days.

When we got home, we had a long talk and decided we would invite our nearest family, like parents, siblings and grandparents, but no one else. Then just tell people we had gotten married after, back to the whole no fuss thing.

The thing is, we were very unsure if some of our family would even come, as they all live in Denmark, and we know there would be some travel issues, but we thought they should at least get an invite, even though we had kind of prepared our selfs for them not coming. Turns out our wedding was very important to them, as one grandparent had been told by their doctor not to fly, one didn’t even have a passport as don’t like to travel and one parent had sworn never to set foot on an airplane, but they all decided to come, which made it all the more special.

We got married in August and the wedding it self was very low key as well, we got married at our local registry office at 11.00 on a friday, then went to have some pictures taken by a friend and then off to the pub for some lunch. It was all a very relaxed day with no fuss and no stress what so ever, where we both enjoyed every moment of the day and being with people we care about.

After that we went back to our house with our newly renovated garden decorated in white bunting and later lit up by a lot of lanterns with candles and a few fairy lights, and had a lovely garden party with a barbecue in the evening. Ending the evening with homemade wedding cake (lactose free), some english bubbly from Nyetimber, and a wedding dance in our very small living room.

As we are renovating our house, there was no big budget, and because this was a very low key wedding, I didn’t want an actual wedding dress, so found a white day dress from Hobbs that was on sale. It was actually perfect, because I had always thought of having a modern version of a 50’s dress, and this was just that. I just paired it with a white camisole from Marks and Spencer to open up the neckline of the dress a bit more and a pair of plain white pumps from new look.

I used my engagement ring from Carat London as my wedding rings as well, as I love it so much and didn’t really want an extra ring.

For wedding flowers I used a single Hortensia as my wedding bouquet, my mother inlaw wrapped it in moist cotton, then cling film and finished it off with a white sating ribbon wrapped around it. In my hair I just cut off 3 white chrysanthemum flowers, 2 inches under the flower head, and stuck them in the hair. They stayed putt and still looked beautiful at the end of they day.

Hair and makeup I did my self.

Despite everything not turning out a 100% the way we wanted it, as things never do at weddings, I just let go of it all on the day and enjoyed every moment of it instead of worrying. We both felt that we had the most perfect wedding day we could have ever wished for, just celebrating the fact that we want to spend the rest of our lives together.

Lots of love to you all

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