Christmas Tree of Memories

Christmas Tree of Memories

Each year I tell myself I am going to sit down and create a Christmas ornament book, with pictures of the different Christmas decorations we have gathered through the years and the stories behind them, so that the future generation will also know the story when I am to old to remember. But yet again a Christmas has passed and I didn’t get around to it, so after watching Jean’s video Tree of Memories, I decided to do a quick video displaying our Christmas tree decoration and their origin, before taking it all down.

They all have a memory or a trip attached to them, like the rocking horse we got this year, reminding me of a house down the road that has a rocking horse in their big window facing the street. It will remind me of our last Christmas in this house and London, but also of the Christmas being pregnant with our baby boy.

I love having a tree that tells a story and that each year when you put the decorations on the tree it reminds you of so many wonderful memories.

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