Buying garden plants online


I have come to that stage in live, where a thing like garden plants are exciting, partly because I have never had my own garden before and partly because I have just come to a stage in life, where a day in the garden, just gives me a bit more pleasure than shopping on a crowded Oxford Street.
I did tweet the other day that I had caught myself putting on a recorded gardening show on tv, at 11.00pm on a Saturday evening. Though that won’t be happening again, as that is where I draw the line!

But that aside, plant shopping has become part of my life and though I do love a trip to the local  gardening centre. It can get a bit overwhelming when you don’t know that much about plants like me.
I had got an idea that I wanted an all white flower garden, but as our garden is very small and south facing, there is parts of it that has scorching sun all day and parts that get no sun what so ever, so where do you begin? This is where I found the Crocus website very helpful, as you can ad the criteria’s for what you are looking for on the left side of the website, like white colour, shade, perennial and it will come up with a large choice of plants to chose from.

The plants come really well packaged and all looked amazing, except one that looked liked it had suffered doing shipping, but after a quick e-mail with a picture of the plant, I was refunded the money for that plant and the shipping fees, so extremely good costumer service in my opinion and I will definitely be putting in an order again this year.

I also like that Crocus has a youtube page, showing the nursery, how they pack the plants, tips and how they set up for the Chelsea show.
Hoping there will be future videos on planting a small city garden at one point.

Like I said, this is my first garden, so it is coming along via trial and error and I do still have to move plant around once in a while, but at one point I hope to have a dream garden and have acquired a lot more garden knowledge.

For more information visit and for the Youtube channel visit