A Whole Year!

So things have changed, to say the least! We are now living in the states and have become parents, all in about the last year!
And I think like a lot of parents before they actually have children, I thought I would still do the same things as I did before having a baby, but boy was I wrong! I now spend most of my time reading parenting books and researching easy healthy food for babies! This means that things are probably also going to change here on the blog as well and there will probably be some baby orientated posts finding their way on here as well. So though I don’t intend this to become a full mum blog, it is going to be written by a mum from now on and the posts are quite possibly going to reflect that…..if I ever start finding the time to blog again that is, because I am lucky if I can find the time to have a shower these days, let alone sit down and write!

But I guess I will start with a little life update!

In the beginning of last year, in my third trimester, 6 weeks before my due date to be exact, we got on a plane and moved to Seattle. I was suffering from iron deficiency and general 3rd trimester discomfort, so looking for a place to rent, finding an OB and just general practical things like banks, drivers license etc, was not an easy task. But with some help from new friends and my husbands company, we got it all sorted just in time for the baby to arrive, despite being a week early. Actually the day after I had given birth, the movers arrived with all our furnitures from London, so my husband had to leave me at the hospital to go and let them in. So crazy to think back on those 2 first months in Seattle now!

We are now finally feeling settled in here after a year, though there are some things we are still figuring out, this has started to feel like home.

Speak to you soon….hopefully!