Upgraded Coffee Experience

bulletproof upgraded coffee

I heard someone talk about bulletproof upgraded coffee and got so intrigued, that I had to google it and find out more right away.
I am not a big coffee drinker normally, mainly because it is a bit of a hit and miss with me when it comes to coffee, some days I am fine with drinking coffee and sometimes I feel very sluggish after or will get a headache a few hours after. So when I read up about the bulletproof upgraded coffee, I got very intrigued, as a lot of the symptoms that was described was the same symptoms that had often put me off having a coffee.
But as we all know, new wonder products come out every day and not all live up to what they say they do, but curious me had to try this coffee out and I am so happy I did.
Okay, so why are bulletproof upgraded coffee claiming to be different to other coffees? apparently when most coffee is produced the coffee bean will often develop a mould on the beans, however when the bean gets roasted the mould is killed. But some of the toxins from the mould remains in the coffee, which can cause you to get headaches and have energy crashes, making you crave more coffee or high energy food like sugar.
But bulletproof coffee is very carefully produced and laboratory tested, insuring that the coffee stays toxin free. Click Here to see a video on how it is made.

The coffee is quite expensive, especially here in the UK. Plus the company that sells it here in the UK, ship via Fedex, making the shipping very expensive on top of the expensive coffee price. So when I decided to try out the coffee, I only bought one bag, which actually set me £26.00, including the shipping, auch! The shipping is the same though, if you buy one or several bags and the coffee is currently on offer.

We got the bag just as my husbands little brother came for a visit, who is a big coffee drinker and had been up since 6am to catch his flight. So before venturing into Central London, we all had a bulletproof coffee.
I had actually worried a bit the days before, as I had been working really hard and had been quite low on energy, so the thought of having to walk around London all day, didn’t seem like a pleasant thought. But for some reason I found myself full of energy and super chatty the whole day. But it wasn’t just me, having been on holiday with husband and little brother before, we normally have to sit down and have a coffee every few hours, but despite the early flight, I never heard the words “should we stop for a coffee”.
So being the skeptic that I am, I thought it could just be down to the good weather and atmosphere in London that day, so more testing had to be done.
I think when it comes to yourself, it is very easy to persuade yourself that something is working, so I started doing mental notes on how my husbands energy was on days where I made him bulletproof coffee and the days I made him regular coffee. Now it wasn’t like a superhuman difference, but I did notice that he was a lot more productive, didn’t complain of headaches and didn’t crave an afternoon coffee, on the days he had the bulletproof coffee in the morning (just as regular coffee).

Now they recommend that you have your coffee with butter from grass feed cows (sounds stranger than it is) and there is defiantly something to be said for having your coffee that way as well, as you do get even more energy and less cravings during the day, by having a buttered coffee in the morning. Click Here to see a video explaining how to make it.
Only thing is, that unsalted butter from grass feed cows isn’t the easiest thing to get a hold off here in the UK, but some of the big Tescos stock Kerrygold unsalted butter, just not all.

Have you heard of or tried bulletproof upgraded coffee?

You can get bulletproof coffee online at www.xbrain.co.uk here in the UK, but for more information on the coffee you can visit www.bulletproofexec.com