My favourite kitchen appliance

I have actually only had the Nutribullet for a month now, but it is already my favourite kitchen appliance by far. I have actually gone through 2 Magic Bullet’s over the last 8 years, that both literally died from wear and tear of being used so much. So this time when it was time to get a new one, we decided to upgrade to the big brother of Magic Bullet, the Nutribullet by Magic Bullet. The Nutribullet seems to be a lot better quality, has a better motor, more sturdy and doesn’t have a lot of extra gadgets you never use, like the Magic Bullet, so really happy we upgraded.

So the reason we chose to get this kind of blender, is that we already have a food processor, so seemed silly to get a normal blender. Plus these big kitchen appliances take up a lot of space and are just a bit more difficult to clean. With this, you just unscrew, rinse under water and pop in the dishwasher, where it doesn’t take up a lot of space.
We actually also own a hand blender, but to be honest, both that and the food processor get used only a few times a year, max, as even if I am blending a bigger portion of something, I will still use the Bullet and just do it in batches, as I know it will be easier to clean afterwards.
So what do we use it for? well, everything really and not just for healthy drinks. We use it for smoothies, juices, healthy ice-cream, soups, pastes and sauces. We actually use it so much, that I wish you could get extra blades and cups, so I didn’t have to wash them by hand in-between running the dishwasher.
But I also like that with this you can sort of chop things roughly, like when I make puttanesca, but I can also get it completely smooth for when I am juicing.

These are some of the things I make during the week, using the Nutribullet. To be honest, this could easily be what I make in a day actually.

First picture is of the healthy pancakes that I learned to make via an Instagram from Gemsmaquillage, Click Here to see. I just add a tablespoon more of my gluten free oats to my pancakes. I just pop all the ingredients in the Nutribullet and hey presto, you got easy healthy pancake batter.

Next picture is Puttanesca pasta sauce, where I just chop the ingredients roughly using the Nutribullet. See recipe Here.

Next is my favourite juice recipe, green lemonade. Click Here for recipe and video on how to make it.

Then there is my a bit healthier chocolate chip cookies, where I use the Nutribullet to blend together nuts and flour, and then stir in the wet ingredients with a fork. For recipe Click Here.

And last is my favourite healthy dessert, just roughly chopped up bananas that has been frozen, with a few frozen berries, almond milk and a tiny bit of vanilla paste. Then just blend into a lovely healthy ice-“cream”. 

Definitely a good choice if you are looking for a blender and you want something that is easy to clean and doesn’t take up to much kitchen space.

Price is £99.99 and we got ours from Robert Dyas here in UK.