Healthy snack options, for home and on the go.

I think especially in the beginning when you are trying to eat healthier, it can be very difficult not giving into old cravings. So I have found some healthier no fuss alternatives for when those cravings come around, as I think if you don’t have a substitute in your house or with you on the go, it is more likely for you to “fall in” and eat something unhealthy.
All of these snacks are also great handbag snacks to carry around with you, for when you suddenly get a chocolate craving or feel your blood sugar dropping. 

First of it the good old banana, it is great for when you are feeling hungry in-between meals and great for stabilising you blood sugar. It is great for the handbag as it has it’s own protective skin, but if you do find it gets bruised in you bag, you can also get a banana case for it (just search banana case on amazon).
It is also a great evening snack, so if you are feeling hungry late at night, they won’t interfere with a good nights sleep, as they actually have muscle relaxing properties.

Chocolate is something most people love and crave, but not all love dark chocolate, that are the healthier option, mainly because of the bitterness. But these lovely dark chocolate buttons, that are from Beyond Dark , are smooth, not very bitter, low in sugar, dairy free and has 3 times as much antioxidants than normal dark chocolate. They are also great for portion controls as it is easy to just take out a few buttons when you feel a chocolate craving coming on. If you cut off the top and put a sealing food clip on, they are also great for the handbag, #grannyalert but it works.
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Dried fruit can be a great option, but they can be quite concentrated in fructose, so like anything really enjoy in moderations. Dates are suppose to be one of the healthier in the dried fruits category, as they are a good source of fibres, vitamins and minerals. If you get the fresher kind, the are also the natures version of amazing fudge-caramel like sweet, so really good to satisfy a sweet craving. In a small tupperware, they are great for the handbag.

Last one is nuts. I think for a lot of years people have been afraid of nuts, as they are high in fat (if I had a penny for every time I had heard the phrase “vegetarians get fat because they eat to many nuts”). But a lot of new research are now saying that if you eat raw nuts, they will not affect you weight because of the way you digest them, but are very good for you because of vitamins and fibres they contain. The key word here being raw though and a small handful of almonds are a great snack for during the day, as it is high in protein and fibre, so will keep you full in-between meals. So just pop a bag in you handbag for hunger emergencies.

Let me know what your healthy snacks are and what you find easy to carry around with you for when craving strikes.