Favourites of October.


Pretty much all of October I was traveling around the States, more about that in a future post, but that means a lot of my favourites this months is from there.
Makeup: So this was a product that I was drawn to after hearing a lot of other bloggers talk about how good it is and the fact that it is organic and free of a lot of things, just made it more appealing. It is the Physicians formula Organic wear Jumbo Lash mascara, and boy is this good, a true winner.
Nail Polish: I have talked about the Kiko nail lacquer before (see here) but the Apple Red nr.240 is defiantly one of my all time favourites reds, as it just has the perfect balance of being cooled toned red, but still a very vibrant colour. 
Skin care: SkinCeuticals Ultra Facial Defence spf 50 was a real skin-saviour for me in october, because obviously when you are on holiday you are so much more outside, and therefore exposing you skin to a lot more uv rays. This little saviour, kept my skin hydrated and pretty much kept my hyperpigmentation a bay during the whole trip.
Food: I can thank Nikki Phillippi for this one, as had to try Justin’s Dark Chocolate peanut butter cups after hearing her talk about them, and they are amazing, not only do they taste amazing and are Organic, but they are also Vegan which is good news for someone like me who is lactose intolerant. Already regret not bringing more than 2 bags back to the uk in the suitcase, as I will be so sad when I run out. 
Home: Bath and body works candle in Spice. I had heard so much about these candles, so when I came by an outlet shop with some good deals in San Diego, I just had to try them out. I have to say that everything I have heard about these candles are true. I lid one of the small candles as soon as we had unpacked the suitcase and this little candle has just filled our whole living room with a comforting smell of sweet Christmas spices, that is making me in a cosy christmasy mood already.
Movie/TV: Argo with out a doubt, been a long time since I was so nervous about an ending of a film, that I almost paused the film to google the ending.
This film not only has great costume design and makeup, but it just keeps your attention all the way through. 

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