Favourites of May

may favourites

I haven’t really been wearing a lot of makeup in the month of May, as I have been working on the house most days and you don’t really need to wear makeup for that, so no makeup favourites this month. But there were a lot of other favourites.

Nail Polish: Because I have been working on the house, I seem to keep breaking my nails and to not have to cut my other nails very short, I have been cutting them just a little shorter and painting them with BarryM Gelly Hi-Shine in Lychee. It is the most perfect nude colour I have found for my skin tone, as it has a slight grey undertone to it and it camouflages a little, that not all the nails are the same length. If you follow me on Instagram (www.instagram.com/mia_olander), you would have seen me instagram a picture not to long ago of me wearing this.

Skin Care: The Body Shop Aloe lip care, was so hard to get a hold of after Esteé from www.essiebutton.com talked about it on her blog, but I finally tracked one down and it has been a miracle worker on my lips. It is quite thick and sticky in consistency, so I have used it as a night treatment for my lips and I have been waking up with very smooth lips in the morning.

Hair Care: It comes as no surprise that my hair care favourite is a Kérastase product if you have read some of my other hair product posts, but the Ciment Thermique is simply amazing, it is a leave in, damage repair and heat protector in one, that leaves you hair super soft and smelling like sweet grapefruit, after styling.

Food: English strawberries has come into season this month. I don’t seem to be able to get enough of them and they have been my favourite evening snack, simply eaten raw.

Home: Even though it has become a lot lighter during the day and there is not as much need for candles, I have still been liking the WoodWick candles. They are soy based and very highly scented, so you get less fumes and you don’t need to have it burning for very long for your whole house to be scented. The wood wick in the candle makes i crackling noise while burning, like wood in a fireplace, which I personally find very soothing while working, but can be a bit loud when watching TV.

Movie/Tv: I am only two episodes into the new Tv-series Penny Dreadful shown Tuesdays on Sky Atlantic 9pm. I am a real sucker for victorian time movies and series, mainly because of the costumes, hair and makeup, but I like it even more, when they are inspired by historic things, in this case the Penny Dreadful publications from the 19th century. You can see behind the scenes and how the series came about, on the Penny Dreadful Youtube channel. Click Here.
I will say, that I thought it was going to be more scary from watching the trailer, but it actually suits me better that it isn’t as I am not the best at scary movies/series. So if you thought the same after watching the trailer, maybe give it a try anyway, as it truly is beautifully made and with some great actors.

Do you have any favourites this month?