Duchy Tea from Waitrose


The discovery of the Duchy teas from Waitrose has really made a difference in the quality of tea in our house. I think as I get older I have started getting a bit picky with tea and are at a stage where I would rather have one good cup of tea than 3 not so good once, so I don’t normally mind paying a little more. But some good teas can be quite expensive, so finding a good quality tea that aren’t that expensive and are organic on top of it, is like striking gold in my book.

I have always liked the Duchy brand, so when I saw a big display of Duchy products with a 1/3 off at my local Waitrose, I grabbed one of the Afternoon Blend Tea packs to try, as I had never seen them before.

I am a big fan of jasmine tea, ever since I went to China and had bucket loads of it, but I haven’t really been able to find a good quality one after coming back, most of them just seem to be really bitter. But the Duchy Afternoon Blend Tea is a blend of jasmine, green and black tea, making you able to add milk to it, but still having subtle sent and taste from the jasmine and green tea. It is simple the perfect afternoon tea for me.

So obviously after having tried and loved the Afternoon Blend Tea, I had to try the other black teas in the range, which is English Breakfast Tea and Earl Grey Tea. Both equally good in taste like the Afternoon Blend Tea, very smooth and with great tea aroma.

I don’t think I can recommend these teas enough and if you are a bit fussy about tea like me, they are definitely worth a try.

Price is £1.99 per pack and for more information visit www.waitrose.com