Doing the Spelt thing!


For the last 6 months or so, I have been doing the spelt thing. Meaning that I have switched all my wheat products for spelt products.
So why have I done that? Well I have known for over six years that I was lactose intolerant and since then my stomach has been a lot better and I don’t really suffer from daily stomach pains anymore. But I had notice that if I had pasta for dinner, that I would get heartburn later on and if I had pasta two days in a row or to much bread, my stomach would knot up and feel bloated.
So I remember talking to someone many many years ago, about spelt and thought I would give that ago to see if that would make a difference, as I am not super keen on gluten free substitutes.

Now spelt is a grain just like wheat and isn’t gluten free, but it is an older more unspoiled variety of grain, are higher in protein and some vitamins, and a lot of people find it easier to digest than wheat.

First off I won’t be going back to wheat, I love the changes I have felt and I personally love the taste of spelt so much more than wheat.
I do still eat wheat based products when out and about, which is fine because it is only once in a while, but when at home I now only use spelt.

For the easiness of switching, well there hasn’t really been any difference, because spelt is a grain, it is just like using wheat flour or cooking wheat pasta.
The only thing you might find is that dough kneading time is a bit different and pasta cooking time is a bit shorter, but other than that, no real difference.

I get my 100% pasta and pearled spelt from whole food shops
For flour I get mine at Waitrose ( or Sainsburys (
And 100% spelt bread I get from, which I slice up and freeze, then taking out slices and toasting when needed.

Have you tried Spelt before?