I have to admit that I have always been intrigued, by English and American foods and sweets/candy.

When I was younger and living in Denmark, one of my favourite things was to go to the English and American shop in Copenhagen city centre. The shops were right next to each other and everything in there where very over priced, which meant I often went away from there with an empty wallet and only a small bag to show for it. But that just meant that it would be even more of a treat and not something I would do that often.

Today living in England I am obviously able to get everything English from the local supermarket, but my American candy fix I now get online.
It still isn’t something that happens that often, as in general I eat quite healthy and having a huge bag of Oreos in my cupboard, would quite quickly change that. But with a boyfriend that is crazy about Root beer and vanilla coke (that you can now get in the uk), we occasionally make an order.
My latest order was from and I have bought from them a few times, always with great service.
We got:
Double stuffed Oreos (because the American version doesn’t contain dairy, so great if your lactose intolerant).
Pop tarts, Brown Sugar Cinnamon (taste just like an amazing cinnamon roll when toasted. And again dairy free)
Snapple, Kiwi Strawberry (taste great, but the real winner for me with this product is, the pop noise the cap makes when you open it….I know I’m a bit nutty like that).
A&W Root beer (amazing on its own, but also great as a float)
A&W Cream Soda (haven’t tried before, but had an idea that I wanted to taste the difference from the English stuff, and maybe try making a lactose free version of Harry Potter butter beer).
Life savers, wint-o-green (my boyfriends absolute favourites)
Extra gum, root beer flavour.
Warheads (hardboiled sweets with extreme sour powder coating)
Toxic Waste (like warheads)
Skittles, Darkside (different flavours from original).