Why M&S has become one of my favourite shops.

MandS dresses

I have always preferred 3/4 length sleeves, an open neckline and for my dresses to be cut just under the knee, as it just suits my body shape a little bit better and I feel more comfortable.

In the past thought, I have on way to many occasions thought that I could get away with sleeveless or a shorter cut dress, only to wear it once and then never wear it again as I didn’t feel comfortable in them.

There are obviously a few exceptions, but in general I try and stick to the cuts and styles I know I will actually feel comfortable in and get use out of.

So that is why M&S has become one of my favourite shops, as they seem to have started catering for younger buyers and their new designs are far away form the style I remember when studying in England 12 years ago, where it seemed to be more for mums and grandmothers (or I’m just getting old, which could also be the case). But never the less, I am loving so much from the Autograph and Limited collections this year and a lot of the styles seem to have my three requirements, but without being frumpy like most designs with those requirements. I also really like the quality of M&S products, so a real winner all around for me.

My latest buys, as seen on the picture above, is a shirt dress that I feel can be dressed up or down to any occasion (it is cut just above the knee on me, but works). And a jersey dress where the sleeves just covers my elbows, and will be a great everyday dress, for trips on the bicycle or chilling in a park.

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