The Mademoiselle Privé exhibition


Last Saturday I went to the Saatchi Gallery where they are currently having The Mademoiselle Privé exhibition running from the 13 October – 1 November 2015.

In short, IT IS AMAZING!!! A definite must see!

We hadn’t actually planned on going to the exhibition, we had just planned to go to the Saatchi Gallery and I had actually forgotten that I had read a few weeks earlier that there was going to be a Chanel exhibition soon, but thinking that it was going to be a small room with a few sketches.

When we arrived at The Duke of York Square around 11am, there was no line into the gallery, but I was actually a bit hungry when spotting the farmers market, so we decided to have a quick walk around the market to find a small snack, before entering the gallery.

20 min later and there had formed a small line into the gallery, so we patiently queued up as you do and it wasn’t until I was in the queue that I noticed that the Chanel was the current on. Slightly panicking that I had brought my husband and that this wasn’t for him, but thinking that we could always walk quickly through it and then just go watch the more permanent part of the gallery.
But to my surprise The Mademoiselle Privé exhibition is huge! And after the first queue and walking through the landscaped garden (also part of the exhibition) there was another queue of around 200 people, though it went quite quickly.

In line we saw a sign saying that there was a free app for the exhibition, so we decided to download it, since we hadn’t read up about the exhibition. But the app turned out to be an interactive extension of the exhibition, connecting via bluetooth, making new things appear on the phone every time you entered a new room and sometimes unveiling hidden things in the room via the camera.

I won’t talk to much about what is actually in the exhibition or post to many pictures, because I think this is one of those times where it is better to be surprised and see things in real life.
But I will say this, that it was so far from my initial thaught of a room with a few sketches and walking trough the labyrinth of rooms, you where constantly meet by new and exciting things from room to room.

Even my husband loved the exhibition, mainly down to the interactive app I think though.

Upon exiting we where also given a canvas tote bag and an exhibition poster.

The exhibition is admission free and so is the app for the exhibition, which is a must to download if you own a smartphone.

For more information on opening hours and where to get the app, visit