The Geffrye Museum

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This December we finally have time to be christmasy and one of the things that has been on the top of my wish list of things to do, for the last 6 years now, was to visit The Geffrye Museum again and see the Christmas past exhibition.

Now I say again, because when I first started dating my current husband and still living in Denmark, 12 years ago, we went to London for a long weekend and The Geffrye Museum was one of the places we visited. I had googled before the trip trying to find something christmasy to do when in London and The Christmas past exhibition came up, which was actually one of the most memorable things we did on that trip. So ever since moving to London, I have wanted to go back and now we finally did.

I have always been a bit obsessed with anything historically Christmas, so this exhibition is like heaven to me personally, but I think anyone will find it quite interesting to learn where the Christmas stocking originated from and to see just how young the Christmas we know today actually is.

The exhibition is made up in the current period living rooms of The Geffrye, which has then been decorated for Christmas to show how Christmas looked at that time and a description of what events and traditions there was at that time.

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I just find the whole thing so interesting, like how and when things like the Christmas tree, stockings and Turkey started becoming part of todays traditions and where it originated from.

This is a place you can bring someone of any age, from you grandparents to your children, as there is something for everyone. The exhibition isn’t overwhelmingly big and the layout is planned out with stops along the way, like the cafe with some extremely yummy looking cakes and a reading area for children filled with children’s books.

Now lastly, I can’t very well not mention the museum shop, as this is probably one of favourite things about a good museum. But all I will say, is that I had to have a very firm talk with myself, not to buy half the shop, as there was just so many lovely books and replica wrapping paper……oh, that wrapping paper!

Despite being a very long journey for me, this will definitely not be the last time I visit and are looking forward to exploring the grounds in warmer weather when summer comes around.

For more information visit and if you are not able to visit in person, there is a very lovely advent calendar on the site, where you can learn a bit about christmas past every day to get you in a christmasy mood.

Have you been to The Geffrye Museum?