The Conservatory at the Barbican


I think this has to be one of the places in London I hadn’t heard that much about before visiting, but definitely worth a visit.

We went there as I had seen someone talk about the conservatory years ago, but hadn’t been able to find it ever since and couldn’t remember where it was, so when I saw someone post a picture from there not to long ago, I decided we HAD to go.

To be honest I didn’t know that much about the area, other than having heard people refer to the Barbican as a concrete jungle.
I personally found the area really interesting and loved all the different concrete buildings and how they are so innovative and well thought out in layout.

The conservatory is located on the third floor in the Barbican Center, a building where there is also a lot of other things to see and do, and is free to visit.

Since it is only open 12-17 on Sundays (and not all sundays, check website before going), you can’t always chose a sunny day to go and visit, which was the case with us, so the weather was a bit grey and dark that day, which obviously makes it less tropical. Plus it does seem a bit run down and when we were there some of the bridges had been closed off.

But having said that, it was still a really interesting experience and when you look at it a bit differently, it has a feel about it, like you are in an abandon city that has been overtaken by nature.

There is also a small stream and pond with the big goldfish and if you are a succulent fan, there is a whole room for you to aww over.

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