The Almshouse at the Geffrye Museum


Mid December I ventured out on over an hour trip to see the newly renovated almshouse at the Geffrye Museum on one of its tour days.

I love everything on the topic of historic living and if I could choose a different profession, it would quite possibly have been in that area, so despite being a very long trip with public transport on my own, I really enjoyed this experience.

The Geffrye Museum is one of my favourite museums in London, not just because of the beautiful building and the exhibition, but I really like how the layout works and how it feels like you are looking into peoples living rooms.
The almshouse no exception to this. The tour was held by a man and a woman, who I think had been part of the renovation and who was very passionate about the house, which makes all the difference to a good tour.

There where no ropes or barriers and the rooms were lid up by original lighting, literally making you feel like you where taken back in time and was standing in someones living area of the pensioners living there in 1770 and 1880.

Now this isn’t a big tour, actually it only consist of two rooms and cellar, so will take no more than around 30 minutes, but I still think it is worth the £4 admission.

It is on first-served basis and tickets are available to buy about 15 minutes before tour start. But if you don’t get tickets there is a lot to pass your time, including a really nice cafe, while waiting for the next tour to start, if there are any later ones that is.

If you do go and visit, do make sure to visit the permeant exhibition at the Geffrye. And if you are going around Christmas, you will experience the Christmas Past exhibition as well, which runs every year from late november to beginning of january, which I wrote about last year, click Here to read.

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