Sky Garden London


I find I often find the best places in London via people I follow on Instagram and the Sky Garden was definitely one of them.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect before going, because from the website it sort of seems like a restaurant with some tropical plants and a large balcony. That is sort of what Sky Garden is, but with a completely different feel to it than you might expect.


So what to know about Sky Garden:

First off the tickets are free! for touring the “garden” area. You just have to be a bit quick to book once the tickets are put up online for the following week. They will announce on their Twitter feed once new tickets are put up, so worth following.

Be prepared to wait in line for some time despite having a time slot on your ticket. A trick if you are an early riser is to book the first slots of the day, but even then there might be a bit of a queue, just not as long as the other time slots. The reason being that there is a lot of security, think airport security and then you might get an idea of why it can take a while.

Make sure you read the ticket guidelines carefully (again, think airport security).

The balcony has the most amazing view of both directions of the themes, but you will also be able to get a view in all directions from the big windows inside.

There is a really nice cafe inside, that is sort of reasonably priced, so you can enjoy a coffee or a snack while enjoying the view.

This is honestly one of the best experiences I have had in London and it is free! In my opinion, save your money and skip the London eye, and do Sky Garden instead. It might not be the same view, but in a lot of ways I like this view better and you are not restricted space or time wise, like on the London Eye.

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