Santa Fir Christmas Tree Farm


We weren’t going to get a real tree this year, but since we are going to be staying for Christmas and New Year after all, I decided in a spur of the moment decision for us to get a tree. I think my husband who had seen the longing in my eyes every time we passed a house with a real tree in the window, agreed as well, so I looked at a few places to get Christmas trees.
We hadn’t been to lucky with our Christmas trees the last few years, so wanted to find a place that would have better trees.


We settled on Santa Fir just outside Guildford and I was definitely worth the 50 minute drive, because both me and the husband was in such a great Christmas mood after. It just sort of feels like the real start to Christmas when you get your Christmas tree, especially if you get it from somewhere a bit more special.
I liked that not only was there a great selection of trees, meaning we were able to find a really slim tree to fit our living room that doesn’t have a lot of space, which also meant that we could get a tree that was a lot taller than previous years, actually the tallest we have ever had I think.
The price was the same for this tree than what we normally pay for a much smaller one in London and it seemed really fresh and have so far not really dropped to many needles a week on from buying.

Now it might seem a bit mad to drive 50 minutes each way to buy a Christmas tree, but I feel like this is more like a day out, than just picking up a tree. Not only are you able to buy your Christmas tree, but there is also:
A reindeer area, where the reindeer for once actually has a lot of space and a lot of fresh hay.
Food and drinks, which included a beer tent, handmade sausage rolls and mince pies and a tent selling hot food.
Christmas shops, which probably had one of the best selection I have ever seen
And there is a chance for your children to meet santa.

We came 15 minutes after they’d open and when we left a little over an hour later, the parking area was already filling up and it was starting to feel a little cramped, because despite having a lot of things to see, it isn’t a huge place, so my advice would be to come early.

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Also if you want to see our tree all decorated, head over to my Instagram for a peek.

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