Olympic Cinema in Barnes, London.

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One of the things I enjoy most, is actually going to the cinema. I like watching a good movie in general, so much so, that my father-in-law often jokes that if he was ever on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and got a movie related question, I would be the person he would call (mainly because he never watches any movies him self). But for me a good movie can be like a piece of art, the way a good actor can completely transform who they are, the way the director uses colour or camera angles to set a different mood or the way well executed makeup and costume makes a movie believable and transports you into that world.
But what makes a movie experience even more special is watching it on the big screen with the right atmosphere.

I remember going to watch La Vie en Rose at my favourite cinema in Copenhagen the Grand Theatre, that has an old theatre feel to it and where old fashion sweets are sold and you are able to bring drinks from the cafe into the movie theatre.
It was a mid day viewing on a week day when we went to watch that film and the audience was mainly elderly women all wearing strong heavy perfumes and chatting all the way though the movie. But that was possible one of the best movie experiences I have ever had, because not only was the movie amazing, but the beautiful theatre inspired movie screens, the scents of the strong perfumes, the hot chocolate I had bought and the mumbling of the other audience, just took the movie experience to a whole other level and made me feel like I was actually in old France witnessing Edith Piaf’s life.

So ever since moving to London I have been on the hunt for a great cinema and was super thrilled when a friend told me about Olympic Cinema in Barnes, London.
I decided to read up on the place before visiting and what I found was that Olympic Cinema was originally build as a entertainment centre, in early nineteenth hundreds, then became a cinema, then a theatre, then back to cinema and then a recording studio, used by some of the biggest musicians in history. But when the studio closed down in 2009, local residents Stephen and Lisa Burdge took it upon them selfs to save the building and restore it back to a cinema. How amazing!

But the place is not just a cinema, it also has a café and dinning room, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not only does the dinning area have great interior design and the friendliest serving staff, the food was excellent and all quite reasonably priced for what you are getting.
I had the Shredded Grilled Chicken and Quinoa salad and my husband had the Pan Fried Duck Breast, both full of flavour and great ingredients.

Before going into watch the movie, you are able to get refreshments in the Sweet Shop on the first floor, where you are not only able to get the sweets and popcorn, lined up in sweet paper bags, but you are also able to get cake, tea, coffee, beer and wine, to enjoy while watching the movie. My kind of heaven!

And now for the movie experience itself, because all the other things doesn’t really work if the cinema experience isn’t great. But this was, hands down, the best movie/3D experience I have ever had.
First I want to talk about the 3D experience, because most times I actually prefer 2D over 3D, as I feel watching a 3D movie can be quite straining on the eyes and even sometimes seem confusing to watch and follow. But with their special 3D glasses (that you don’t have to pay extra for, by the way), I actually forgot I was watching a 3D movie and was so fascinated by the graphic effects.
Sound equally great and movie projectory even more so, plus there was no bad seats in the theatre, all with great view of the screen.
But what really blow me away was the extra ordinary comfy seats, with wide arm rests and reclining back, the fact that you can get a double seat and that every seat has a small table, no horrible cup holder, but an actual table for ALL your snacks.
All in all this cinema experience was just amazing and it will definately not be the last time I visit.

Also the cinema seems extremely child friendly and they do mother and baby screenings as well.

The cinema is easy to come to, with busses stopping right outside the cinema from Hammersmith, and is well worth the travel from anywhere in London.
Prices are £15.00, matinees being £10.00, which isn’t a lot more than the average cinema ticket, especially when there is no extra charges on 3D movies.

Have you been to Olympic Cinema? Or do you have a favourite cinema in London?

For more information on Olympic Cinema, visit www.olympiccinema.co.uk