Harry Potter Studio Tours

Gryffindor common room

harry potter studio tours

I actually visited the Harry Potter studio tours a month after they opened, so over two years ago and absolutely loved it! So when we were having guests visiting from Denmark that also wanted to see it, I jumped at the chance to come along and see the Hogwarts in the Snow event.
Also there were the newly added Hogwarts Express part of the exhibition I hadn’t seen before.

So what is different for Hogwarts in the Snow event? Well, the great hall gets decorated for christmas, a lot of the sets, like the Gryffindor common room also gets decorated and there is someone demonstrating what different movie snow that is used in the films. Plus a snow machine setting the mood on The Backlot.

Now as someone who is fascinated about behind the scenes of movies and who is a Harry Potter fan, the Studio Tour is already ticking all the boxes of a great experience for me.
I am absolutely fascinated at how much work and detail has gone into these movies and the craftsmanship of the people working them, are out of this world!

I started explaining and sending pictures of the studio tour to the people visiting, but then realised that this is one of those things, where it is better to not know to much about it before going and just experience it yourself. So I will not go into to many details of the tour, but will give a few key nots and thoughts.

Firstly this isn’t really a tour, where someone walks around with you and explain things. You get to walk around on your own and along the way you will find staff that can tell you fun facts about the sets or you can ask questions. So there is no real limit on how long the tour will take, that is completely up to you and you can spend as much time looking at the things that really interest you, which I think is great.

Second, don’t expect an amusement park! Think of this more as a museum, a really really cool museum mind you, that also have a few interactive things to do.

Third, bring your outerwear on the tour. Not to important on warm days, but the backlot that is in the middle of the tour, is outside and on cold days you want to be able to enjoy everything out there, without being frozen to the core.

Forth, make sure that you try the Butterbeer sold on the backlot, it is £3.95 and really refreshing. There is also sold other refreshments from coffee to hotdogs at the backlot now, so if you have forgotten to eat before coming, you have a chance both before the tour and mid tour now.

Fifth, if you are visiting from outside the UK, be aware that the Studio Tour is not in London, but outside London, so make sure you plan out how to get there before buying tickets, as some companies offer transport and ticket packages.

I did find compared to the first visit, that it felt a bit more crowded. Now I don’t know if this was because of the special event or if they have added more tickets per time slot, but did at times find it a bit too crowded. You can stay behind a bit and let “your” group walk a bit ahead, just be aware that a new group is just behind you though.

Now having said that, I was in such a great Christmas mood after this visit and I would highly recommend going to the Hogwarts in the Snow event if possible, just make sure you book your tickets well in advance as they seem to get sold out really quickly, especially for the weekends.

For more info visit www.wbstudiotour.co.uk