Getting Into Reading


I have to say that when I was younger I hardly use to read, actually I only read a book if we were assigned one at school and even then I don’t think I finished reading most of them. No idea how I got away with it!

I am not really from a reading family, so there was never any encouragement to read either.
Having said that, the one thing I loved doing more than anything when I was really young, was to listen to audio tapes while drawing, so much so, that my mum would have to force me to leave my room to go outside and play.

Another factor that contributed to me not reading, is my mild dyslexia, which made me read at a very slow pace to fully understand all the words. But when reading at a slow pace, I found that I would get distracted and my mind would wander, so I would never really get into a book and often having to read a page over and over again.

This all changed in my late teens, where someone got me the first Harry Potter book. But the book was on my shelf for a long time, mainly because I thought it was a children’s book, so why would I find it interesting?? and secondly because I NEVER read, as stated before.

But then my younger half brother, who is a lot younger than me, was also given one, so a way for us to bond a bit, we decided to read it together. I think like most people who have read Harry Potter, I was hooked after that first book. Now I will say, I did find it quite hard to get into it in the beginning, but because I had made a promise and was falling behind my little brother, I persevered and happy that I did.
From there I read the rest in the series and not only did I find that I could actually finish a book, but also that I really enjoyed reading, something that I had never thought possible. So thank you little brother and J. K. Rowling.

I will say that from there I didn’t read a lot of books again. Sad I know. But when moving to England from Denmark, I discovered a whole other side of books. Not only did I find that english book shops are much more intriguing and magical, which I could spend hours in, but I also found that I really liked reading in english.
My first english book was actually not a small book, Labyrinth by Kate Mosse, that I loved, but talk about jumping in at the deep end. I was just one of those cases where the cover drew me in, as apparently I am a sucker for a golden labyrinth.

I then realised that the Harry Potter books hadn’t just been a one off, I did actually love getting lost in the magical universe of a good book, just like when I was a child, listening to audio books.

My list of books that I have read since, is now quite long and it will hopefully keep growing.

Tips I found has helped me.

– Take your time when reading a book, but be consistent in reading, maybe just read a few pages or a chapter a day until you get more into the book.

– Don’t be ashamed of reading books that might be for a younger audience than you, as they are often much more gripping and are a lot easier to read. Plus it doesn’t matter what others think, the most important thing is that you are enjoying the books.

– Make a calming atmosphere around you when reading. Like making a cup of tea, going into a quiet room or/and finding a comfy place to sit.

– Have good reading light.

– Read the book together with a friend or join a book club, so you get motivated and have someone to talk about the book with.

– Get inspired by people who are passionate about books, like watching BookTubers on YouTube do book reviews. Some of my favourites are /jenvcampbell, /BookishThoughts and /booksandquills.

I hope to have a lot more book reviews going up on my blog in the future and if you have any book recommendations, please let me know.