Why use an antioxidant serum?

I used to work for a company that distributes cosmeceutical here in the UK, which was where I learned about skincare and the importance of antioxidants for your skin.

I am by no means a qualified beauty therapist, and I am not an expert in any way, but when I use to do professional training, I often got the question, why should you use an antioxidant for your skin? 

Before I worked with skincare myself and was educated in how skin regeneration of skin works, I would get so confused when talking to a sales assistant, selling skin care. They would quite often explain what an antioxidant is, with big, difficult to understand words that they didn’t even seem to understand completely them selfs, and I would feel even more confused than before I went into the shop.
So because of that, I found a visual way to explain it, that everyone could understand, not just qualified beauty therapist. 

Imagine your body as one giant machine, which transforms the food we eat into nutrientsand antioxidants for your body and its organs. Now despite the skin being our bodies biggest organ, it is often the last one on the list to get a piece of the antioxidant pie. This means that most people don’t get enough antioxidants through their diet, for the skin to be optimally protected against everyday dangers.

Just like most of us take a daily vitamin, just to make sure we are getting the vitamins we are not getting through our daily diet, the answer for the skin is an antioxidant serum. Together with a balanced diet that includes antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables,that will help your skin with the antioxidants it needs to fight and repair to keep you skin at its optimal.
A few have asked if is then still necessary to wear a spf, when you are using an antioxidant and it is. Think of the spf as the first defence when imagining the fight agains sun damage, that will keep most of the rays from making damage. Antioxidants are then the second defence that will try and repair and make your cells stronger to withstand any damage that might get around the spf. So imagine spf as soldiers on the front line for your skin, and an antioxidant as nurses behind the line of fire taking care of the wounded.