Trilogy rosehip oil antioxidant+

I wasn’t really sure about this antioxidant when first trying it, but I am now a happy user.
I have been using the Trilogy rosehip oil antioxidant+ for about 3 months now, I am really happy with it and can see a real difference in my skin.
When I first opened it and smelled it, I was sure the oil had gone bad, as it really didn’t smell very pleasant. I was even very close to writing the company to ask if it was suppose to smell that way. But after reading a few reviews on the product, quite a few said that they weren’t keen on the smell. I can now report that the product only seemed to smell in the beginning, and after a few weeks, I didn’t notice the smell at all. Then there were the fact that my whole face became very red and hot first time applying it, so was quite worried that I was having an allergic reaction to the product, but it went away completely within an hour, and I know from work that these symptoms can just be your skin reacting to new ingredients, so kept using it and already the second time using it wasn’t as bad, and after a week my skin didn’t react to the product any more.

Now that being said, I have tried quite a few antioxidants, and this is by far the best oil based one I have tried. It is based on rosehip oil, that is said to reduce pores and even out you complexion and can really see a difference in those two areas. I have used antioxidants that was jojoba oil based or dry oil based, that gave me blocked pores and dry spots, where this does neither of those.

Despite being oil based, this has not made my skin more oily, but have actually evened out the oily and dry areas, to being more harmonious. I can also see a difference in my hyper pigmentation they just seem more evened out. It isn’t a big difference, but despite it being summer and I have been in the sun a lot this year, I wasn’t expecting to see a difference at all.

I also use a drop on the back of my hands, and I really notice the days I have forgot to use it there, as my hands just look a lot older those days.

This is really a product I would recommend and would defiantly repurchase it.

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