The 3 Week Beauty Rule

three week rule

The one thing I have found when working in the beauty industry is that people don’t often give a product a proper chance to show them how great they really are. I wouldn’t even be able to count the amount of times a client has told me that a product didn’t work for them, but when asking how long they used it for, the answer is quite often 1-2 times.
It does seem like we now live in a world where products are very effective and we sort of expect amazing result after one use, but the reality is that it will actually normally take around 3 weeks for the skin/scalp to balance itself out with the new product. Once I have explained that to a client, they actually come back most of the time and say they now love their product.

As an example, one of the biggest problem I often use to see when working in a salon, was people mistaking dry and itchy scalp for dandruff, so when explaining to them that it looked more like a dry scalp problem and sending them home with a shampoo for a dry scalp, (despite always explaining the 3 week rule) they would sometime come back and say that they had used it once or twice and they had still had dandruff looking fall down or that it made their hair go greasy a lot quicker than normal, but like any skin on the body, it takes the scalp a few weeks to get hydrated again and re-balanced.

Obviously it is a bit of a pain to go through a skin re-balancing period, especially when what you were using before seemed to work, but once your skin is used to the new product that is right for you, it will make a big difference to you skin/scalp quality.

It is the same with skin products, you might find an increase in oil production or get a few breakouts, because of your skin having to re-balancing itself out or because a product has higher levels of active ingredients in it.
I will point out though, that if you get an allergic reaction or a lot of breakouts (one or two is fine), the product isn’t right for you and you should definitely stop using it right away and not give it 3 weeks!
If you are in doubt if you are having an allergic reaction or if your skin is reaction to the product, as there is a difference, you should seek advice from a professional. Especially if have started using more professional products with high active ingredients, than your skin is used to, as it might react by getting a bit warm and flushed. In those cases always use less product than advised, to begin with and maybe talk to a skincare professional about it. If they say it is fine for you to continue to use it, your skin will quite often get used to the active ingredients within the 3 weeks.

Hope the 3 week rule will work for you and please tell me if you have ever tried a product you didn’t think worked but you ended up really liking?