SPF for your hands

Roger gallet spf15

I once heard a dermatologist talk about age prevention and she mentioned that the two areas on the body we often forget about, the hands and neck, are actually the only areas you can’t surgically “turn back” ageing on.
With that in mind, isn’t it funny that with our face and hands being the two most exposed areas on our bodies, we seem to forget to protect the hands?

I am very good at keeping my hands moisturised, but I can definitely see that my hands have started ageing in the last few years, so I have started taking a few step to protect the hands more, one of them is using a hand cream with spf.

My current favourite is the Roger and Gallet Bois D’Orange hand and nail cream with spf 15. It literally smells like oranges and honey, in a non artificial or overpowering way. It is extremely moisturising, enriched with Shea Butter, Argan Oil and Evening Primrose Oil, but at the same time absorbs quickly into the skin. I simply use a little every time I have washed my hands when out and about.

I do find with hand creams that containing spf, that they can leave a film like feeling, so I normally apply on top of my hand, by rubbing the tops of the hands together and once most of it has absorbed I rub it into the rest of the hands, so most of the protection is on the top of the hands, as it needs it the most anyway.

I got mine from my local big Marks and Spencer, where they only had the 30ml that costs £6.00 but I can see on the website that there is a 70ml for £8.00. Will probably be getting the 70ml next time, though I will say that since I am normally more aware of using spf on the hands when I am out and about, the 30ml is definitely a nice size for the handbag.

Do you use a hand cream with spf during the day? if so, which is your favourite?

For more information visit www.roger-gallet.co.uk