Salt Caramel Perfume.


Now you will probably think like me, when you hear Salt Caramel scented perfume, which was “Really!!!”. But once you have tried it, I am sure you will be a convert like me.
I always try to keep an open mind with everything in life and with perfume scents it is the same, because despite not being a fan of sweet vanillary scents normally, I also know that there is a difference in manufactures and what ingredients are used. With Shay & Blue, you already know that this is going to be a scent that has been made with the best ingredients and has had a great Nose to develop it, so it won’t be an artificially sweet scent, but something beautiful. And it certainly is!

It does smell exactly like said on the bottle, like taking a bite of a quality salt caramel truffle, but once on the skin, it develops and get some more deep and warm undertones, making it more of a perfume than a sweet scent.
It is definitely one of those scents that you have to try out to be really convinced, but once you do, I am also sure you will love smelling like a salt caramel truffle, just like me.

Side note: Shay & Blue actually get a lot of their ingredients from Grasse in France, the capital of perfume, that I recently wrote a post about. Click Here to read.

The Salt Caramel scent is available now from the Shay & Blue website and shop in London, at £30.00 for 30ml and £55.00 for 100ml. But you are also able to buy 2ml samples for £5.00 if you want to test out before committing to a bigger bottle.

You should also be able to go and try it out in you local M&S with a beauty department, later in the year and where the prices will be the same as above.

What is your first thought of a Salt Caramel scented perfume?