Natural hair dyes

Working as a hairdresser I developed a little bit of a sensitivity to a lot of products you use when working in a salon, actually a lot of hairdressers do, despite using rubber gloves and having good ventilation. 
One of my biggest problems to date, is hair colouring, which leaves my scalp itchy for a few weeks after and makes me break out in little red and dry bumps in my scalp and on my forehead. Not really something that I feel like I want to inflict on myself if possible, but since I don’t really feel like it is time for me to show off the few grey hairs I have now acquired, I have been searching to find a brand that works for me.

So far I have found two more natural brands that works for me personally and they are both shop brands. Despite being a big believer in salon hair colour, in these cases I will make an exception, as they are not colour heavy like most store brands. 
First is an English brand called Tint of nature, that uses Organic ingredients for their natural ingredients. This was the first one I started using and the one I find most gentle on my scalp, but this one isn’t as easy to get a hold off any more, since the place I used to get it from closed down. So I sometimes switch to Naturtint, which is a Spanish brand that is available at Holland and Barrets and Whole Foods. 


They are both very similar in the end result. Both are ammonia free and have a very gentle scent to them, though I would advice still colouring your hair where there is good ventilation and to use gloves.
With both colours you get an amazing shine to your hair after colouring and the hair feels very soft and nourished, almost like after a hair treatment.
The colour stay is a bit different than normal shop brands, in that they fade a lot quicker, but this is actually a good thing in my opinion. This means the colour isn’t colour heavy in your hair, so if you ever want to go lighter or even blond, it will be a lot easier, plus it won’t weigh down your hair.
The colour starts to fade around the four week mark, which is where most hair colourist, if getting your hair coloured in a salon, suggest that you get your hair re-coloured again anyway.
And for covering greys, I will say it covers around 98%, like most salon colours.
All in all these hair colours would get full stars from me if I was rating them in that way.


On more information on both brands visit: