Fragonard Perfume and visiting Grasse, France.

Fragonard perfume factory

About 3 years ago we went on a driving holiday through Europe, and while staying in Nice we were recommended to go and visit Grasse. A small town about half an hour drive inland from Cannes, with some amazing views and a town with a labyrinth of small streets. It is known as the worlds perfume capital and is actually where a lot of exclusive perfume brands have their perfumes developed or source their oils from.

While there, we took a historic tour of one of the most known perfume factories in Grasse, the Fragonard factory and it was quite possibly one of the most interesting tours I have ever been on. I thought I had an idea about how perfume was made before taking this tour, turned out I had no idea how much effort and time goes into making it, not to mention how many flowers is needed to make a small amount of fragrance oil.

Like most tours, it ends by the museum shop, which we had actually intended to skip, mainly because I had this idea that the scents would be very heavy and strong, and not something I would wear. Turned out I was wrong, even the “heavier” scents was something I could see myself wearing, despite never having been that into wearing fragrances, as most fragrances actually give me a bit of a headache.

There were scents that smelled like you had been lying in a field of wild flowers and berries or spent the day in a citrus orchard, but still with some seductive and warm undertones to them.

Fragonard perfume

After trying out a few perfumes, I decided on the Bell de Nuit, which at first sniff, both me and my husband thought was a bit more suited for an older age group than me, but after a few minutes on the skin it transformed into a light floral scent but with some very warm and seductive undertones, and we both actually ended up preferring that one.

I only ended up buying a small 15ml bottle, more as a souvenir, but it has ended up being my most loved fragrance that I have kept it in the fridge to keep it for longer and cherished every drop, wishing I had bought a bigger size.

That trip really ended up changing my whole view on fragrances, not only did I realise that I can actually wear a perfume without getting a headache, as it really makes a difference how a perfume are made and the quality, but also that investing in a real perfume is definatetly worth the money, as one single spritz in the morning would still make people compliment my perfume in the evening.

To my pleasant surprise I discovered that you can actually get the Fragonard fragrances at M&S beauty department now. They do a big variety from the brand, though unfortunately they don’t sell the sleek metal container version, which is a bit more modern looking. They do do some great miniature gift sets, allowing you to try out a selection of their scents before committing to a big bottle of your favourite or super great as a present. Click Here for more information.

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